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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A very satisfactory weekend!

Our new IKEA cabinet for Ken's DVDs is now in its permanent position, and all our DVDs, CDs and cassettes have been put in the selected drawers. Tonight, we sorted all the DVDs into categories (music, documentaries, motorbikes, steamtrains, TV shows, movies, etc.) and I made up cardboard dividers so we can see at a glance where everything is. Ken's BIL came over yesterday and today, and helped Ken fit castors on the cabinet so it can be wheeled from one spot to another if need be. BIL also took the old cabinet off our hands and delivered it to Ken's niece's house. We popped over last night to see her and she had set up her tv and other audio items on it already. She showed us the coffee table she bought from IKEA, and proudly announced she had put it together all by herself...but couldn't make the drawers fit, so she left them out! Ken promptly got all the bits fitted on for her, so she was doubly pleased that we had visited!

The next thing Ken wants to do is transfer all our old video cassettes on to DVD. He has already done quite a few, but there are still more to go. So we have a box of video cassettes in the spare room waiting until that is done, then the videos can all go on to the pile of stuff that I have waiting to be sold at our local trash and treasure market. Anything that doesn't sell will go straight to Savers!

As we didn't have any 'social' plans this weekend because the house was in a temporary state of chaos, I was able to spend time cleaning up my study/den/craft room - I never know what to call it! It's just a spare bedroom with my stuff all over the place. Ken HATES it...says he doesn't understand how I can go to other people's homes and tidy them up, but have our place in such a mess. Well excuse me, the rest of our house is okay; it's just my private mess which we can close the door on if we have visitors!! Just because my pantry is well organised...


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