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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our garden, such as it is.

Bloggers around the world love to post pictures of their gardens, and it must bring so much pleasure to others who love gardening. I'm not a keen gardener, and Ken just likes to potter, weeding and pruning. We tend to plant things that are either native to this area, or easy care stuff, so they look after themselves pretty well. Today I noticed that there are signs of Spring around our place, so I went mad with the camera and took these pictures. They are nowhere near the standard of English gardens on other blogs, but hey, it's our Hacienda after all!

Ten years ago, Ken was going to put this wheelbarrow out with the rubbish collection, as the bottom was rusting, and the tyre had gone flat. But I grabbed it back in the nick of time, and planted tulips and daffodils in it. They were lovely for those first few years, but when they died off, I planted petunias. They have continued to regenerate year after year, even though I've never even changed the soil! I'd bought some hyacinth bulbs earlier this year, but forgot to plant them at the right time, so I stuck them in the barrow amongst the petunias and forgot about them again. Look at the result - they didn't mind such harsh treatment it seems!

This white daisy bush was brutally cut back last year, but this winter's rain seems to have spurred it on to greater heights, almost to the point where if you stand next to it, it will push you over!

These daisies are a pretty shade of purple, but they are very invasive. It was only six months ago that I pulled the whole lot out...I obviously missed some.

The geraniums are taking over their section too - to the point of pushing over the bird bath!


Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Gina,love all your garden plants specially the old wheel barrow, I planted all cacti in mine i think i blogged it in March but will take another photo now its all grownand post it soon . (((HUGS)))

Thursday, 23 August, 2007  

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