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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Helen - Hyacinth Bucket she is NOT!

My friend Helen has exquisite taste in furnishing her house. Everything is charming - from the furniture itself, to the linen and fine china that she delights in using. She is often at my place for a cuppa, and I have learnt from her to do things more chipped mugs, cartons of milk and biscuits in the packet on the table! Now when anyone comes, even unexpectedly, I get out my matching China (not Royal Doulton but still nice), milk in matching jug, bikkies on a pretty plate and of course a hand-stitched cloth.

Once I asked Helen to cast her eye over our house and tell me what she would change if she lived there. Alas, poor Helen was tongue-tied - our place has too long been a haven for motorcyclists, steamtrain buffs, American western movies posters, etc. and is way past a makeover into a genteel atmosphere befitting classy ladies and gents! Ha ha - don't take me too seriously! As much as our home is completely the opposite to Helen's, it is home to us and we are comfortable with it. But I do like to visit with Helen and indulge in dainty daydreams...she has a lovely post on her blog today, complete with pretty picture of her dining table set up for afternoon tea. Go here for a peek.


Blogger Val said...

Note to all: Gina takes her hand-stitched tablecloth seriously! When I met her at a cafe recently, which had timber tabletops, she produced a beautiful tablecloth which she spread out on the table. It was a surprise but quite welcome and homey.

Sunday, 12 August, 2007  

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