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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Topsy's turn to be in a bad mood!

I took Topsy to the vet yesterday for her annual check up. One of my friends asked me later if Topsy did as my friend's cat does, and turn an indignant face to the vet when he inserts a thermometer up her backside. I replied that Topsy had forfeited all rights to being indignant after I got the bill - $300!

Actually, that is not as bad as it sounds. Our vet has a "Wellness Plan" that his clients can opt for. It covers everything for one year - immunisations for the usual cat illnesses, 12 months flea and worm treatment, check of the ears, urine test, and consultations. They email the clients every month to remind them to give their pets the monthly flea treatment and quarterly worm treatment. I think it is an excellent service.

She had been poked and prodded, and weighed in the waiting room in front of all those other cats and dogs - the shame of it all. Especially when the vet loudly announced "Seven kilos! She is a big cat, but she can afford to lose some of that". I heard someone say "That cat is more like a small panther!" Just as well she didn't act like one on the spot and pounce on the nearest small dog for a fight. She behaved well actually, until we got home, where she went under the bed and sulked for the rest of the day.


Blogger Alice said...

What an inconsiderate vet to announce Topsy's weight for all to hear! And Topsy too dignified to hiss or growl as most females would. :) Seriously though, it is always a relief to know our pets are sound.

I know about vet bills though having a new puppy who had to get all her shots and then get spayed. I hope she's set for a while but the way she eats sticks, tissues and her blanket, I am not too sure.

Saturday, 23 February, 2008  
Blogger Lady Laurie said...

Sounds like our cat Binky, she really sulks when she comes back from the vet ~ not that I blame her.

Saturday, 23 February, 2008  
Blogger Gina E. said...

LOL Alice! That is exactly what I thought Topsy was thinking!!
I wouldn't be too concerned about what your new puppy eats...when dogs get to eating their own poo, I figure there is nothing that is going to kill them short of arsenic!
Hi Laurie - thanks for visiting!

Saturday, 23 February, 2008  
Blogger Isabelle said...

Oh Gina, I do believe you're in danger of becoming as pedantic as I am! Thanks for your comment on my wording!

Sunday, 24 February, 2008  

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