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Saturday, December 20, 2008

This year has gone so fast!!

I was just looking at my last few posts, and hardly recognise those baby budgies. They are now fully grown and living with the other adult budgies all in one aviary. I should get a new photo of them all, they are so pretty, but they fly around madly when we walk into the enclosure, and it's impossible to get a good photo.

Ken celebrated his 66th birthday on Thursday. We went to one of our favourite Chinese restaurants for dinner, and I'd secretly invited another couple to join us. When we arrived, I asked for the table I'd booked earlier, and the waiter said "For four?" I mumbled something and Ken said "No, it's only two" and I said "Shut up".
A minute later our friends walked in. Ken realised what was going on, and laughed! We had a 'banquet', which is about 8 courses of different foods, but just small servings of each. It was absolutely delicious, and I was stuffed by the time we'd finished. I'd had to unzip my pants to make room for my bulging tummy (lucky I had a long over-blouse) and when I stood up to take a photo, my pants started to slide down and I nearly dropped the camera in my haste to grab my dacks!!!! I didn't dare look around to see if anyone else saw me, but I didn't hear anyone laughing (or choking on their food), so I think I acted quickly enough.

Funny how people always ask "Are you going away for the holidays?". Ken and I never have time off work over the Christmas/New Year period. He has to apply well in advance for his annual leave and would be unlikely to get that time off because so many others in the company want it off too, and the company doesn't close down over January. As I am employed on a casual basis, I tend to take up the slack where others go on leave. My two clients have other carers as well as me, and they are both having time off in January, so I'm covering their shifts as well as my own. So I'll be working six mornings a week for most of January. The best thing about working at this time of the year is the traffic on the roads. Should I say the lack of traffic on the roads - with no schools open, and so many companies closed for the month, it is actually pleasant to be driving around all day!


Blogger Jeanette said...

Gday Gina.Belated Birthday Wishes to Ken,Had a giggle at the bulging tummy and dacks falling down..hehehe.
I have been able to buy Andre"s Australia DVD.found it at our local Post Office..
Merry Xmas

Saturday, 20 December, 2008  

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