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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfire updates

There are things that will no doubt be reported on the news around the world, but others won't. The CFA reported today that there were 153 new fires in Victoria yesterday (Wednesday). This does not mean they are HUGE fires; in fact they would be just scrub or grass fires that can be dealt with fairly quickly. As the CFA spokesman said, it is still the bushfire season here, and small fires must be expected.
Most of those are in rural or remote areas, and do not endanger houses or people. However, today (Thursday), the fire scenario took an ugly turn. A 15 year old boy deliberately lit a fire in an inner suburb parkland. If the fire brigade and police didn't act as quickly as they did, this could have been catastrophic for the city and suburbs of Melbourne. It is as dry there as it is in the rural areas, and Victoria's nickname "The Garden State" is not just a pretty phrase. We pride ourselves on our parks and gardens, and trees abound on both private and public property.
What sort of person - child or adult - does this? The kind of person who throws his daughter over the West Gate Bridge? Or the kind of person who defaces public and private property with graffiti? I guess most of us will never understand what goes on in the minds of any of these people.
On the brighter side, an Australia wide telethon had raised over $75 million dollars as at 11.30 pm when I turned the t.v. off. And it was not just coming from Aussies living here. People and companies overseas were also pledging vast amounts of money. For this to happen in the current economic climate is absolutely amazing. When we were watching the telethon, I said to Ken and his Mum "Doesn't it make you proud to be Australian? To think that people overseas like us enough to do that".
I received an email today from a friend in Germany. A lady of my age, who I have got to know through being fans of Andre Rieu. She told me she was so moved by the bushfire disaster, she contacted Red Cross and donated A$100. Dear Astrid, thank you very much - your generosity is greatly appreciated by all Aussies.


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