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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Corellas, Kookaburras, Op shops, and Mum-in-law.

As I started typing this post a minute ago, some Corellas flew down to the feeder, which is right outside the window in this room. There was no seed on the feeder, so I took some out there, and to my delight, the birds stayed while I took this photo. They are usually very 'flighty', and not as tame as the kookaburras and other native birds, so these ones must be getting used to us. They arrive every afternoon about 5 pm and squawk until we put seed out.

Cheeky little people. Here they are at 8 am on Monday morning. No longer content to sit up in the gum tree; they come right down here to the clothesline, which is just outside the back door!
Yesterday I dropped into an opshop that I rarely visit, because I'm not in that suburb often. I found just a couple of items:
This little thing that I assume is to hang from door knobs - well, that's what I've done anyway. Ribbon embroidered, and a tassel - not my forte, but I'm happy to own somebody else's work!

A deck of cards with the Coca Cola logo - very collectable! I might keep it, but I could even sell it on eBay if I see they are popular.

I remember reading a review of this book when it was first published 10 years ago, and thought at the time it sounded interesting. So when I saw it yesterday for $4, I figured it had my name on it! And I was right - it IS interesting! Aren't you just dying to know if fish drink water? Are elephants really afraid of mice? What caused the Great Depression in 1929? (and what can we learn now...) Do blind people dream? And so on. Beaut little book to leave on the coffee table, just to dip into when you're bored!


MIL has been in the convalescent home for just over a week, and seems very happy there. Her hand is healing well, she is walking around, and we are told she sits with the other residents in the community room during the day. We (the family) have a difficult decision to make in the next few weeks. Once the orthopedic surgeon has removed the bandage from her hand, and confirms that it has healed, we will have to decide whether to bring MIL back home here, or leave her at the facility. The lady in charge of the carers (I'll call her 'C') tells us that it would be better to leave her there as long as she is happy. We know that, but we wonder if she can be just as happy at home with us? She was before her fall, but she did say she got lonely if we weren't around, i.e. in the same room as her. Of course that is impossible; we can't be right next to her 24/7, but as C says, MIL does have people around her all the time at the facility - coming and going, but always around.

She is eating far better in there than what she would here. I know she would revert back to her old ways if she came home, of insisting on simple things that she likes, and refusing to eat meat and veg. At the facility, she has no choice of course, but at home, she would make a fuss, and I would give in to keep the peace.

Same with having showers; the carers in there just do it, and she accepts it, but I asked her last night if she would let me shower her when she came home and she shook her head and said "No, I'm only letting them shower me because I don't want to make a fuss". She'd made a fuss for me, though!!


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