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Thursday, October 01, 2009

My 'book' of handmade cards.

I have to warn you - this is NOT a tutorial! I've been asked to show what I did with my cards, so I took some photos, but they don't actually show the full process.
The first step is to cut a long strip of white card, and fold it into equal sections concertina-style. Then you make a slit in the fold of each greeting card, and slide the cards onto the folds of the strip of white card. Another piece of stiffer card is then tucked into the fold, to hold the cards in place.
You don't have to make a cover, but I did, and I used the cover of an old phone book. I just cut it to the right shape, and covered it with decorative paper. In this first photo, I was brushing glue over the phonebook cover, ready to paste the blue tissue paper on to it. But after it had dried, I could still see the printing from the phone book through the tissue, so I ripped it all off and replaced it with red Japanese print paper that Sharon gave me.

In the picture below, you can see the end of the folded white card, after I'd inserted my cards on to it. The cards are a variety of sizes, so I had to decide whether to have the tops of them all uniform, the bottom all uniform, or have the slit in the middle of every card, which is what I chose to do. The covers are slightly larger than the largest card, so they are kept inside safely.

The finished product, showing the 'binding' or spine if you like.

Showing how the cards are held like pages in a bound book. I just realised, I should have photographed the inside of a card, so you can see how the piece of cardboard holds them in place. Ah well, just use your imagination, LOL!


Blogger FredaB said...

I will have to go over this again when I have more time. It is morning here and still waking up with my coffee. How many cards did you use? Did you use a long piece of card stock to make enough folds? Curious mind needs help.

It looks good and would be really nice for some of my cards and to be able to show them to people.



Saturday, 03 October, 2009  

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