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Sunday, December 27, 2009

All over for another year.

Thank goodness the Silly Season is nearly over - just New Year's Eve to get through, and life should start to get back to normal, whatever that may be in your corner of the world. While Ken is off work for the public holidays of Xmas Day and Boxing Day, plus the weekend, we have been working in the garden to get it ready for summer.

About a month ago, we had three dead trees taken down and mulched. This left an enormous pile of mulch in the front yard, which has taken weeks to move and spread around both front and back yards. It had to be done by shovelling the mulch into the wheelbarrow - back breaking work at any time - wheeling it up the path to the back yard, and up some steps to the rear of that yard. Tipped out of the barrow, and spread over the garden with a rake.

Today we tackled the front yard. Poor Ken could only shovel one load into the barrow before he was breathless, and had to sit down. So I did all the shovelling, while he did the less strenuous raking. Tonight we sat down to tea, both exhausted, but pleased that we have moved most of the mulch where we want it. My back will be paying a hefty penalty for doing this!!

This is all that's left of the pile of mulch, which before we started moving it, was nearly 2 metres high.
We put it here,
and here...
and there.
This is one of the beds in the back yard where the mulch has been spread. Ken is pulling weeks from the lawn, which suits us both. It doesn't take as much energy for him, but I can't do it for long because of the arthritis in my hands. He doesn't have any arthritis, lucky man. But I guess I'd rather have my health issues than his...


Blogger FredaB said...

Well I can't beat the previous comment but will tell you that it always looks so good when you put fresh mulch down. If it would only stay that way. I buy it in large bags at the hardware or WalMart and they load it and then I just have to unload and spread. This year I am going to hire someone to unload and spread it around. Getting too old for this stuff so my kids tell me. Or if I do it I won't say a word on my blog.

Happy New Year to both you and Ken and hope his health stays good in the year to come.



Wednesday, 30 December, 2009  

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