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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another drive in the country.

Before Ken's heart attack in 1981, he spent a lot of time stocking his aviaries with birds from various sources. But after they all died off for one reason or another (and Ken nearly fell off his perch too!), the aviaries were empty for a few years. But now that he has regained interest in breeding birds, we are spending many weekends driving around to bird sales and specialist shops, inspecting birds and sometimes buying them. I'm so pleased that Ken has got into this hobby again, as I love going for drives around rural Victoria (one never knows where there might be a quilt or needlecraft show, or an op shop open), and looking for birds means that we are out and about more than we have been for years!

Today, we went to Warragul, which is just over 100 kilometres - about one and a quarter hours drive from home. Most of it is on freeways and tollways, which is great because it cuts the trip time short. But you miss the little towns along the way, which is a bit sad.
We got to Warragul just before 11 am, in time for the bird sales to open. Ken started down one aisle and I walked up the other one, and found a bloke selling Gouldian Finches. I caught sight of Ken and yelled "Come here quick!" which he did, and we got first pick of the Gouldians on display. Ken bought a pair, which he was very happy with, as this was the reason he'd come to the sale, having missed out on buying any Gouldians at the last sale we went to. They are not common like budgies and other finches, so they are snapped up very quickly by the buyers. He also bought a Diamond Firetail Finch, but that is another story, and if you are interested you can read about that on my birds blog here.
After we left the sale hall, we strolled around Warragul looking for somewhere to have a light lunch.
This building was the old Court House built in 1887, but converted to a very upmarket restaurant. We poked our heads in the door and knew immediately it was not for us!
So we walked around the town looking in shop windows and checking out cafes. It was cold and windy, but not raining, so we made the most of our walk.

We finally settled on this cafe which looked ordinary from the front, but once through the door, we figured we'd come to the right place!

Pictures of Elvis and The Beatles, and other sixties memorabilia adorned the walls, and someone had painted one of the walls with music notes and other symbols. I had French Toast and Ken had bacon and eggs, and they were both delicious. (Coffee was great too).

It rained all the way home, but I was able to get a few photos along the Eastlink tollway. I keep promising myself to do this on a fine sunny day, but as I had my camera, I decided I may as well do what I can. I would be very interested to know if freeways in other states/countries have weird things along the road, which I'm sure are designed to distract motorists and cause accidents...
Through the rain on the windscreen, can you see those giant green balls on the right in this picture?

Then there is this greener than green wall!

This green bridge is one of several bridges in bright colours. I feel more and more as if I'm driving through a kids' playground.


Blogger Isabelle said...

I do enjoy seeing your trips - little bits of Australia that you don't see on tv but which are presumably just as much part of the Australian experience as Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Monday, 19 July, 2010  
Blogger FredaB said...

Hi Gina

Haven't seen any green walls but lots of other strange things on our highways. I hate large billboards. I think a lot of states are outlawing them now. They are ugly and distracting.

Someday when we stay in one place all year I would like to have a bird.
My Mother always had one and it kept her company when she lived alone. Just someone to talk to.

I am glad Ken seems to be doing so well and has his interest back in the birds. without our interests we are not alive.



Thursday, 22 July, 2010  

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