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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not a good week.

On top of Ken's other problems last week, he developed an attack of hiccups on Friday. Now most people would think "So what?" and if it was just an ordinary few minutes or at the most half an hour, yes - so what! But Ken is still hiccupping - six days later. We spent hours on the internet, looking up remedies, and trying just about everything, but nothing has worked. I had to go and pick him up from work at lunchtime on Tuesday, because the staff were so concerned, they wouldn't let him drive home. I took him straight to our clinic, where the doctor on duty prescribed a pill designed for multiple sclerosis victims, but which apparently has also worked as a muscle relaxant and will stop hiccups. 24 hours have gone by, with no effect. He has been to his chiropractor twice, and the treatment helped - for 20 minutes! Our last resort will be to look for somebody who does acupuncture, as we've seen cases on the net that have been successful.

While all this was happening to Ken, I had caught his cold, and have been coughing my little heart out for the last three days. Doctor diagnosed bronchitis and prescribed the usual antibiotics, which have left me with a horrid side effect - I am itching all over! Just gotta keep remembering that there are many people worse off than us. My cold and Ken's hiccups will come to an end shortly, and life will resume its usual routine. I hope. Anyone know a surefire remedy for hiccups?


Blogger FredaB said...

Oh the poor two of you. If it isn't one arn thing it is another. You are getting more then your share this year. No idea on the hiccups but you would think the Drs. would have something. He can't be the first person having this.

Hang in there but if you are itchy it sounds as if you are allergic to something in the meds they gave you. You should probably call the Dr. and tell him. He may want to change them.

Wish I could say more.



Thursday, 12 August, 2010  

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