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Friday, August 06, 2010

Still here...

It is 1.15 am on Friday morning as I type this. I've been online since about 10 pm. Some people think I'm mad staying up this late, but I know there are others who empathise. I had a busy and stressful day today, and all I want to do at night is unwind, and I can't do that in front of the tv, or even reading a book. I can only enjoy a book when I'm relaxed, and I am not relaxed right now.
Ken caught a cold sometime last week or over the weekend, and by Tuesday night he was down and out with the non stop coughing. I phoned his work on Wednesday morning and said he wouldn't be in for the rest of the week. He stayed in bed on Wednesday and Thursday, and I called his doctor to let him know. Dr Smith has told me to call him immediately Ken gets a cold, as he can't risk it turning to bronchitis because of Ken's damaged lungs. So Dr S. turned up yesterday around midday and checked Ken over. He said to stay warm and rest until next week, and start a course of antibiotics.

I did my usual run of shopping and messages in the morning, and looked forward to relaxing with some stitching that afternoon. But after Dr S. left, I had to go and collect the antibiotics script, as well as a medical certificate, so back in the car and down to the shops. By the time I got back, I had to start thinking about dinner.
After washing dinner dishes I made a few phone calls, then instead of finally settling down to relax, Ken needed some TLC because the antibiotic tablet had upset his stomach. A glass of Coke sorted that out, and by then I decided I may as well just go online and surf blogs for a few hours!


Blogger FredaB said...

Dear Gina

You have sure had your share over this last year or two. Some times people do not realize how wearing it can be on the caregiver, the one doing all the running, cleaning, cooking, etc. Life doesn't stop for you if someone gets sick but just gets twice as hard. I know this from experience. We love them to death but it is still really hard.

One thing I picked up on there was the Dr. came by. Do they still make housecalls? Here you haul them in or call an ambulance if you can't get them in physically. Haven't had a house call since I left Toronto over 40 years ago. Our Dr. there delivered the 2 boys, watched over the whole family and if either boy had a fever you kept them home and he came out. Gone are those days.

I knew there was a reason I liked Melbourne so much.

Hang in there.



Saturday, 07 August, 2010  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Thank you for your kind words, Freda; I know you do empathise with me, due to your own life experiences. When I was a kid in the fifties, most doctors made house calls because they worked from home anyway. No big flash clinics back then! From what I hear from my friends, not many doctors do it these days, but we are very lucky that Ken's doctor is one of the good old fashioned doctors who really does care about his patients. He is much in demand at his clinic, and has stopped taking on any new patients. There are about six doctors there, but I don't think many of them do house calls.

Saturday, 07 August, 2010  
Blogger Finding My Way said...

I so understand the stress part. I hope Ken recovers quickly. You've got doctors that make house calls!!! That's amazing. Mine is impossible to get into to see. When I'm sick I don't want to wait three weeks.

It's been a terrible week and I've had all I can take with my work. I feel like the world has taken leave of it's common sense.

I spent my anniversary working on the bathroom to our old house. :( Due to dust and stuff I was just too sick to eat.

I don't want to sound whining as I was happy to just be with the hubby.

Hope you get some downtime. Have a good weekend. :)

Saturday, 07 August, 2010  

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