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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not much happening.

Freda and Merle congratulated me on buying a new computer, but they are a bit premature! I haven't got one yet! After some investigation on the first one I saw and liked, I was advised by Those In The Know not to touch that particular brand, and talking to more people backed up the initial comments. So I've looked around some more, and the style of PC that I like is available in other brands, so that is a plus. BUT, what the first bloke didn't tell me was that the price he quoted didn't include the Microsoft Office program, which meant while having Windows 7 I could browse the internet, I wouldn't be able to type anything! For goodness sake, wouldn't that be the first thing that should be automatically included in any computer package?? Maybe I'm dumb, but to me a computer is still a glorified typewriter with extras.

I have now been informed that in addition to the cost of around $700 for the PC that I like, I would have to pay another $200 for the Microsoft Office program, which brings the price up to $1000. Which I was hoping NOT to have to pay. Which we just cannot afford, especially if Ken won't be earning any wages for two or three months after his surgery, and even more importantly, if he can't go back to work at all! So, I'm back to square one with my trusty old PC, and as if it has read my mind, it has been behaving itself remarkably well in recent days.


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