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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lovely day for a picnic.

It was a perfect Spring day in Melbourne today - too nice to spend indoors. So I packed a basket with a thermos of tea, cups, and a Swiss roll cake, and we collected Ken's mum from the Home, and drove up to Sugarloaf Reservoir for the afternoon. The reservoir is just about full, and looks so much better than it did 12 months ago when it was little more than a puddle.
We found a table in the shade of a small tree, and stayed there for a couple of hours. MIL was so happy to be outdoors on such a nice day, and I was happy for her to be getting a good dose of sunshine and Vitamin D, as she never goes outside unless we take her somewhere. We reckon she will make it to 100; she'll turn 99 next February if she lives till then, and the way she is going, we think she will make it! She often says "How old am I?" and when we tell her she smiles and says "I might get to 100!" Nothing like having a positive outlook on life at that age!

Last night we invited our friends Helen and Ray to dinner at our place. Since Helen's stroke, they don't get out as often, as Helen gets so tired these days. But as we are just around the corner from each other, it is not a major drama to visit us for a couple of hours and watch a DVD after tea. It's great to be able to put a smile on her face, and we both said to them "We've got to do this more often. We rarely go out on Saturday nights now, so it is silly that the four of us sit at home twiddling our thumbs, when we could be together and enjoying some music or a movie". Helen and Ray agreed, so Ken and I are looking forward to their company on a regular basis. We've known each other for 30 years, so it is a very comfortable friendship.


Blogger cell said...

beautiful views! isnt it nice to be outside with friends? you're very blessed.i love springtime. esp when the little ducklings are out!

Tuesday, 27 September, 2011  

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