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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blogger stats

Have you ever had a look at the Stats that Blogger supply on your Dashboard thing? I knew it was there, but haven't had a close look until tonight when I had nothing better to do. Well, I did actually, but Ken is playing some of our favourite music DVDs (Roy Orbison, Glen Campbell, The Shadows, The Bee Gees) in the lounge room and because I'm humming along with them I can't concentrate on any craft stuff. So I'm sitting at the computer mindlessly surfing. Great way to spend a Saturday night, huh?
Ok, back to the stats. I'm using to seeing the majority of my readers are from Australia, followed by the USA, UK, then a scattering of other countries. Imagine my surprise (shock?) seeing that I have more readers in China than anywhere in the world outside Australia. WHY?? Are these people trying to hack into my computer via my blog? I can't understand why so many Chinese would be interested in my blog, regardless of whether they can read enough English to understand it. Bit of a worry.


Blogger cell said...

ahha..dont worry,I reckon everyone's interested in a bit of a cross cultural exchange may think your boiled silverside and daffodils are boring, but they're exotic to someone from china.I do often get comments from ppl trying to sell something,which is annoying but just click "mark as spam" and be done with it!

Monday, 22 August, 2011  

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