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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Out with the old...

When Ken gave me the chook dinner set for my birthday, it was time for serious culling of dinner sets in our household. I am not like some of my friends who have multiple dinner sets just because they love them - even if I did like many dinner sets, we don't have the space to store them. (Mind you, said friends don't have hundreds of table cloths for the same reason...) Just before we married, Ken and I bought a six setting 'Africa" design Royal Doulton dinner set for 'best'.
It has  been in the crystal cabinet in the dining room for 30 years and only seen daylight a dozen times.
I said to Ken "We liked it so much when we bought it, but we hardly ever have the pleasure of using it on a day to day basis.  Why don't we move it to the kitchen for every day use and keep the new chook set for when we have guests?"   He agreed, so that's what we have done.
But tonight we decided to 'christen' the chooks.  Guess what we had for dinner?  Roast Chicken of course.

This is the Noritake set we have been using in the kitchen for about 12 years.  My niece was thrilled to bits when I called to ask if she would like it, as she had a very special bond with her grandpa (my Dad), and it meant a lot to her to own this, as it was originally a wedding gift to Dad from his brother when Dad married my stepmother.  I asked Niece if she would be using the big teapot (at the back on the right), and she said probably not, and was happy for me to keep it, as it comes in handy when we have the occasional crowd of friends or relations over.  So I've still got a bit from my Dad's dinner set too!  Win win situation :-)

...In with the New.  Newly hatched baby quail chick.  Go to my birds blog to see more!


Blogger Isabelle said...

All sounds good. I like a good reorganise!

Tuesday, 07 May, 2013  
Blogger Pear tree cottage! said...

I love your chook set....a very nice modern style. I think I may be one of those friends who have several sets, way too much I truly agree. hugs to you both.

Tuesday, 28 May, 2013  

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