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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whose taxi?

Have you seen those "Mum's Taxi" signs on the back of some cars - for those Mums who ferry their kids all over the place before said kids are old enough to borrow Mum's car and drive themselves?  Well, after today, I feel like making a sign for my car - Gina's Taxi.  Ken has Wednesdays off work supposedly to rest between two days of driving in his job as a courier.  But the Day Of Rest has turned out to be the Day of Running Around Doing Things that he doesn't have time for on the weekend. 

Today for instance, he had to deliver his car to Tyrepower this morning and leave it there all day to have a major service and four new tyres.   He also had to ride his Honda to the bike shop where he takes the bikes for their servicing, and leave it there.  He had an appointment at 3 pm for acupuncture, and then there was bird seed to be picked up at the Grain Store, and wine to be bought at Dan Murphy's.  But how was he to do all this without his wheels?  My wheels of course.  This is why I tell my friends that I can't meet for coffee or opshopping on a Wednesday.

 At 9 am I followed him to Tyrepower, and from there we went to pick up the bird seed, and then back home.  I did a few chores, we had some lunch, and I drove him to the acupuncture clinic.  While he was there, I drove to Safeway and did the shopping, then picked up some scripts at the chemist.  By then it was time to drive him to Tyrepower so he could collect his car.  We came home, he got the Honda out of the garage, and rode over to Greensborough, followed by me so I could bring him home.

Phew!  We were both stuffed by the end of the day!  I wanted to have some friends drop in over the weekend for my 65th birthday - nothing fancy, mind you - just a cuppa and cake.  He looked pained..."Oh not on Saturday!  I have to run around for your birthday present".  I'd already told him I need a new Melways street directory and would be happy with that for my birthday, so I said "You only need to run down to the newsagent at the end of our street to get a Melways, and believe it or not, you can get a card there too!"    There was no comment.  Maybe I'm not being fair, and he has something else in mind that justifies this 'running around' on Saturday afternoon.

I shouldn't whinge.  Tonight I was thinking about my MRI scan appointment which is at the Northern Hospital at 7.30 am on May 1st, and I must have been looking glum, because Ken asked "What's the matter?"  and I said I was just thinking about how early I'm going to have to get up to drive over to Epping for this appointment.  He said "Tomorrow??" and I replied no, not until 1st of May.  He asked what day that was and I said it is a Wednesday.  His face brightened and he said "But that's my day off.  I can drive you there".  I immediately felt better about all that driving around today.....


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