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I am married to Ken. We have no children except a cat and a collection of Australian parrots, finches, canaries and a dozen hens.

Monday, June 03, 2013

First day of retirement for Ken.

Ken said tonight it felt like the first day of his annual leave.  I replied that it was permanent leave now, not just annual!  We got up around 10 am because my Home Care lady was due at 10.30 to vacuum and mop the floors.  She was late as usual, so we had an extra 15 minutes to get dressed, have breakfast and get all the cleaning gear ready for her.  It is such a nice feeling for me to have the house sparkling (well, clean - it is an older house after all) and not ache all over afterwards for days.  K. is very thorough in her cleaning, so I usually forgive her lateness, but we had an appointment at the bank today, and I was hoping she would be on time.  When she didn't show up, I was able to postpone our appointment to a later time, but I was a bit annoyed.  I suggested that she start at a later timeslot if that meant she would be able to turn up on time, and she said she would discuss it with her supervisor.  I really don't mind what time she starts, but when I have things to do by a certain time,  it is a pain in the A. when others hold me up because they have been chatting to someone!

We got to the bank around midday for our appointment, and spent 90 minutes having our accounts all sorted paid off completely,  investment account opened, and other accounts tidied up.  We drew out $200 in cash, to have $100 each in our wallets - just for fun, lol!  Had a nice lunch in one of Eltham's cafes, then went to the shop where Ken buys his supplies for the chooks and finches.  They are also in the business of building pet enclosures, so we had a look at the chook house on display, and decided it will do nicely for our little brood of chooks, who are not really comfortable in the finch aviary at the moment.  Well, who knows whether they are or not - they don't actually talk to us - ha ha!  But there are six chooks in there, and while they can walk around, the space is limited and gets dirty very quickly which means we have to clean it out more often than we would if it was a proper size enclosure.  We let them out to 'free range' in the back yard now and then when we are spending an hour or so in the yard, but it has been so cold and wet lately, we haven't been hanging around outside, so the chooks stay inside.

When we got home, Ken made a few phone calls, and then had a snooze.  He is already making lists of things he wants to do and people to call, which is really great as far as I'm concerned because it means I can get on with my usual routine without worrying about him being bored!  Not that I did worry - I knew he wouldn't be bored on his own,  he is not that kind of person.  He is more concerned that I will fill up his time for him!  For instance I organised a representative of a roofing company to come and check our roof, as it has been leaking whenever we have had heavy rainfalls in the past few years.  The guy is coming tomorrow while I'm on duty at the Embroiderers Guild all day - Ken said  "Trust you to go out all day and leave me to wait for this bloke!" 

Wednesday is a 'free day' for us both, then I will be back at the Guild on Thursday, and Ken has a medical appointment.  Friday morning I'm on duty at the opshop.  Well, that's our first week done and dusted!


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