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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Not happy Jan.

Ken is not happy with me.  I'm cheesed off with him too at the moment.  My new printer ran out of black ink, so I bought two new cartridges for it - may as well replace both to save messing around when the colour one runs out.  The directions provided with the printer were typical of most supplied these days - written by someone whose first language is not English.  I couldn't figure out how to replace the cartridges, so I called our friend M.who is one of our computer expert friends and always happy to drop by and help.  He said he would come over today, but I warned him that I would be out all afternoon, and to ring Ken first to make sure he will be home.
I got a call from M. when I was on my way home about 4 pm.  He said he was sitting outside our place, had phoned Ken, and knocked on the door twice, but there was no answer.  I said he must have gone out, and apologised to M. for wasting his time.   Fortunately for us, M. is a very easy going person, and wasn't upset by his wasted trip.

When I got home, Ken was there and said he had been home all day.  I asked why he hadn't answered the door when M. knocked, and he said he was probably up the back yard with the birds.  He said he'd phoned M. earlier and left a message to say he'd put the cartridge in my printer himself, and not to bother coming, so he wasn't expecting him.  Well that made me mad because I had asked Ken not to touch the printer.  He gets into all kinds of trouble with his own computer stuff I would rather he left mine alone.  I turned on the printer tonight and it came up with a message on the screen that it had to be aligned before it could print.  GRRR!
OK, I figured it out for myself, and Ken had put the cartridges in correctly, but I was still annoyed.  He is annoyed with me for being annoyed with him.  Stalemate.


Blogger Cathy said...

Some things are international aren`t they? I know exactly how you feel! So funny.

Tuesday, 11 June, 2013  

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