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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Busy busy busy around here!

Ken and I just flop down at the end of the day and gaze at each other lately!   I seem to get out of bed running, and even though he doesn't usually get up at the same time, once he is up and dressed, it's all systems go.  Obviously the new kitchen has kept us busy recently, and Cliff is coming tomorrow to finish it off completely (I hope).  We've had three painters out to quote on painting the ceiling and window frames, but haven't had any quotes from them yet (they all promised to email them to me, and I've got the printer switched on ready to print them out, but...)
The fence that was falling over between our house and the next door neighbour is finally being fixed.  Well, replaced actually.   What a drama that was.  I got two quotes and M. next door got two more, and we decided on a local timber yard who build fences.  They said someone will be here on Tuesday, and it would take two days to rip down the old fence and put up a new one.  M. put their dog into boarding kennels for this week so they wouldn't have to tie him up.  Nobody turned up Tuesday and after repeated phone calls, I finally got onto a woman who told me that Monday's jobs were washed out due to the rain so they had to go back and finish them before coming to us.  I said thanks for letting us know NOT, and when can we now expect someone to do our fence?  She said she would get her husband to ring us back, and at 10 pm he did, leaving a message that our fence would be started at 7.30 am on Thursday and would be finished on Friday.

Thursday morning I got up at 7 am and unlocked the gate to our backyard.  M. left his garage open so the fence man could get in their yard if he needed to.  8 am, 9 am then 10 am, and nobody had arrived, and no phone calls to explain why not.  By this time I was fuming, and again after several phone calls to the office, where girls kept telling me "I'll forward your message", I finally got a call from the business owner who said "Sean is on his way now" and that was it.  So when "Sean" arrived at 10.45 I met him at the gate and said "About effing time".  The poor guy nearly fell over... he explained that he was actually a subcontractor and had only been given our job that morning.  He was also furious at the timber yard company because they hadn't given him any details about our job, and there was about 6 hours digging to be done before he could start building the fence.

He was left to do the whole job himself - 30 metres of fencing to be pulled down, trench dug, posts set in concrete, and palings to be put on.   Well, by 4 pm Friday he had done it  all except nail the palings to the frame, and Ken and I were floored at the pace he worked.  Oh to be young and fit again!  So today, Sean will be back to finish the fence, Cliff will be here to finish the kitchen, Ken will be collecting his Honda from the workshop where he had some work done on it, so another busy day coming up.

I don't know if it is the pace of life at the moment, or I'm just getting old(er) but I decided today that I didn't want to commit myself to working at the opshop every week.  I phoned the lady in charge of the roster, and told her that I was happy to be on the emergency list, but I wouldn't be working there every Friday from now on.   Fortunately they have a few new volunteers who are eager to work several days a week, so I'm not leaving them in a hole.  It worked out well for me not going in there today.  I did a heap of baking for Sunday (friends coming), two loads of washing, and various other chores that wouldn't have been done if I'd been at the opshop.  And I've gone off bringing home so many knick knacks, books, fabrics, etc. - we just got far too much of everything.


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