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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday night.

Thanks for your good wishes - I am feeling heaps better.  I'm lucky that I bounce back fairly quickly after those viruses, as long as I keep quiet for a few days (and that's very hard for me, lol).  So this weekend has been quiet, although we had an unexpected guest on Saturday.  One of Ken's nephews dropped into say hi after he dropped his current lady friend off somewhere else in Eltham.  We haven't seen A. for a few years as he is a sort of black-sheep-of-the-family bloke, and isn't mentioned much over at Ken's sister's place, so we don't ask.  Anyway, he is 49 now, and doing well for himself, so we had a lovely afternoon with the boys trying to impress each other with their cars, phones, etc.  

I have been drifting around the house doing bits here and there whenever I felt energetic, and I was pleased to have gotten all the washing done, that had been sitting around for a week.  Today I made headway on some stitching projects; finished a small quilt that only needed binding, and started a felt Xmas ornament in the shape of a plum pudding.  This is for a monthly challenge on a stitching forum I read, and it was supposed to be finished two weeks ago, but that's okay, it will be finished in the next day or two and I can then start this month's project.  

We were supposed to have the new floor laid on Tuesday morning at 7 am, but we got a phone call on Saturday from the floor people, asking if they could come on Monday instead.  Yes, they know it's a public holiday, but they have so much work on, they decided to work on Monday as well, to try and catch up.  I said  "that's fine, we'll be here, what time will you start?"  He asked what time suited us and I said about noon, and he agreed to that.  This afternoon Ken answered a phone call and said it was Harvey Norman again, wanting to know if they could come earlier.  I said "How much earlier?"  7 am was the reply, and I said "No!  too early, go away!"   More waffle on the phone between Ken and the floor man, and after he hung up he said they can't come any later than 7.30 am.  Grrr....oh well, at least it will be done, and I can call Cliff and say come on over any time now and finish off the kitchen!


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