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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's Tuesday - and here is my weekly Vintage Lady!

My clock says it is actually Wednesday - 12.15 that Wednesday or technically Tuesday? One of those things about Time that has confused me ever since I was a kid. When does the new day start - after midnight, or after 1 am? Hey, don't even bother answering this, I can live without knowing! Whatever day it is, I hope you like my No.5 Lady.

I have spent most of my spare time since Sunday reading the fifth Harry Potter book, thanks to Sharon who brought her copy over on Saturday night. I have heard a few criticisms of it since its release (before I had read any of the series at all) and now that I have read them all, I am wondering what people found to criticise? I thought this one was just as exciting and as much fun as the previous books. I feel like a kid again, as excited as I used to be when I was reading Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair and Enchanted Wood books - always waiting for the next one to see what was going to happen to all the little characters!

When I finally put the book down, I picked up the Sunday Age newspaper, which was given to us when we paid our entry fee into the Whittlesea Show on Sunday. Ken and I don't buy newspapers at all - ever. Ken doesn't read much anyway, but I love reading newspapers. Which is the reason I don't buy them - if I did get one every day, nothing would get done for a couple of hours every day, as I wouldn't be able to get on with my day until I read it from front to back! So, I settled down to peruse the enormous Sunday edition with all its extra sections. Lo and behold, of all things to find, just after I had finished HP, what do I spy in the paper? A link to a website that is a discussion of the death of Dumbledore! I cut it out of the paper, and later on checked it out. Well, all you HP fanatics, if you haven't already discovered these neat websites, go see!!! Lots of fun for Harry's fans!


Blogger ms*robyn said...

ooh can't wait to look at those sites, Gina!!!
I am wondering if Dumbledore comes was a discussion at our patchwork group yesterday

as to the Notebook & green lady - haven't read the article yet but I did notice it when flicking through.
thanks for the vintage gal once again !!
big hugs to you for your thoughts on your Dad xxx

Friday, 11 November, 2005  

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