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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ebay members' response to my message on their board.

As I said in my previous post here, I put a message on eBay's Collectables & Antiques discussion board, to let my friends there know that I may not be bidding so freely in the future. Late last night, I logged into eBay as I do every night, and after the usual check on my auctions, I had a look at the Discussion Board. I was absolutely blown over by the response to my post - there were 60 (SIXTY!) messages in response to me, and apart from a small argument between a couple of the posters, they were all messages of encouragement and best wishes. Another amazing example of the friendships that are made in cyberspace between people who may never meet in person, but have connected in this new medium of communication. I am going to put the link here for the eBay post, for anyone who is interested....hope it works. I am still never quite sure about this links business!

And here are some pretty vintage pictures to brighten up my sad little blog...which reminds me! Before I finish this off, here is the latest on Ken. I headed off to work this morning with the unfortunate comment to Ken "Enjoy your first day of retirement!" Meant to cheer him up...gawd, when will I learn to button my lip? When I got home, he was up and dressed, and busy making phone calls. He called Vic Roads first to see if they could allow him to hold a 'conditional' heavy vehicle licence, which would not allow him to carry passengers, but to still be able to drive large vehicles on private property. (He could stay at the Bus company in another role if he is allowed this). They said yes, but would still need the okay from his doctor. That satisfied Ken for the moment. He then made a few more calls, and took off to see a few people. All this bodes well for his state of mind - he is actively engaged in finding work of some kind, not just lying around feeling sorry for himself, so that makes me feel a lot better.


Blogger Lady Laurie said...

I have found some of those most wonderful people out there(except for blogs of course!) are on ebay.

Saturday, 05 November, 2005  
Blogger Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, this news makes me feel better for you! My fingers are crossed so tightly!

Saturday, 05 November, 2005  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

can't wait to hear how he goes with his Dr!! will keep it all in my prayers xx

Saturday, 05 November, 2005  

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