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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Not just another Cup Day in Melbourne!

Definitely not just another one - this was a historic occasion indeed! Fancy a horse and rider winning the Melbourne Cup three years in a row!! Couldn't happen to a nicer fella - did you see him crying with joy? I didn't back the Diva - I never back the favourites in the Cup, as they often come last, or if they do win, they don't pay much by simple virtue of being the favourite. I put my $2 on Xcellent and Strasbourg. Why? Well, I don't know a thing about horses, racing or otherwise, so I just pick names that appeal to me. Xcellent came third so I won the princely sum of $5.80 for my two-way bet. Strasbourg is still coming I think....

Cup Day tradition at our place is for me to go and pick up Ken's 92 year old Mum from her home (about a half hour drive), and bring her back here for the day. After checking the racing guide, we pick one or two horses in every race for the day (except the first couple because they are too early for us to place our bets), and on the way home we stop at the TAB and put our bets on. Back home we prop ourselves comfortably in front of the tv (130cm screen, so it's like being there), and watch the day unfolding. Cups of tea, ham and cheese sandwiches, cake and nibbles keep us going throughout the day, and when the Cup is run at 3 pm we break out a bottle of bubbly. In between races we discuss the fashions on the field, and other topics while I stitch. Ken pops in and out during the day - he couldn't stand sitting in front of the tv the whole day watching it!

In past years, friends have dropped in to watch the race with us, and stayed on for a while, but today we were on our own. Last year I set up an account with the TAB so we could conduct our betting online. All went well then, and Ken even came in minutes before the Melbourne Cup and wanted to put $10 on something! But this year, today of all days, our ISP went down right across Victoria. I had transferred some funds from my credit card to the TAB account, and was preparing to place our bets, when the computer ground to a halt. I did everything possible, then phoned the ISP and got a recorded message saying they were working to get their customers back online as soon as possible. Oh yeah, thanks a lot! With 10 minutes to go I drove like a woman possessed to the local TAB which is only a few streets away - and joined the rapidly lengthening queue - obviously people like myself who found themselves suddenly cut off the Internet! Placed our bets and shot back home in time to view the first race.

Apart from that, it was a fun day for MIL and I. Ken took her home, and I went around to the home of one of my home care clients, to take her washing off the line. Rain and thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow, and as I won't be at her place until mid afternoon, it was safer to get everything inside today, instead of risking a sodden lot of washing tomorrow! Ken said he thought it was rotten that I have to do that, but before I could argue that it was of mutual benefit to me and my client, he explained that what he meant was, it is rotten that none of her neighbours would go in and do that for her. She is severely disabled, but has no support or friendship from any of her immediate neighbours. Very I don't mind doing a bit extra for her.


Blogger Miss Eagle said...

Gina, have just discovered your blogs courtesy of Suse at Pea Soup. Luv em. Like you I have two blogs - one for my rants and raves (also includes my cup day stuff) and another for all the other stuff like books and gardens and things. I also have a third called Volunteer (all linked on my sites). I notice you are a volunteer. You might like to write something for my blog or, if you like it and you have the time, you could run it jointly with me. It needs to be ramped up a bit. Hasn't it been hot to-day? Went and bought a new fan over at The Good Guys on Canterbury Road - all black and chrome. Looks rather smart!

Blessings and bliss

Wednesday, 02 November, 2005  

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