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Sunday, October 30, 2005

In reflective mood, and looking for answers.

As mentioned in previous posts, I have recently immersed myself in some of my childhood classic books. Worked my way through the six Mallory Towers books (by the way, Sharon - are you enjoying the first two?), followed those with five of the Anne Of Green Gables series (there are a few that I don't have in my collection), and today, read Pollyanna all through (yes, I am a fast reader!). I don't have any more of the Pollyanna books, so I will have to start looking in secondhand bookshops for those. Still not sated, I have started on Little Women tonight and made the delightful discovery that my copy of this was originally my Mum's - evidenced by the inscription to her inside the cover, dated 1912. I should say, I re-discovered that fact, because I do remember Mum giving it to me to read as a small girl, along with her other own much-read-and-loved childhood books.

As also mentioned previously, I tend to re-read these old books at times in my life when I am unhappy or stressed, maybe because they transport me temporarily back into a time when life's pleasures were simple and sweet. Today, my reading had more meaning than usual, due to discussions with friends in the last 24 hours. Last night, we had tea/dinner with some very good friends who live close by. They are about 10 years younger than us, so there are a few small gaps in our common interests, and none more so than the type of music we like. Ken and I love much of the classics (but not opera) - we enjoy organ music (both theatre and church), and we are great fans of Andre Rieu, a Dutch orchestra leader who is doing a lot in Europe and the USA to bring the classics from the elite upper class(as he puts it) to the general public. We also like a bit of Country & Western, 1940's Big Band, and 1950s and 60s popular/rock'n'roll. Our friends don't mind most of that in small doses, but they prefer groups like U2, ELO and Cindy Lauper (spelling?). Last night they put on some of their DVDs of these entertainers. I had never seen or heard any of their music, although I had heard the names.

Well, call me old-fashioned, but I was appalled. That is not a new reaction by me to current 'music' trends. Okay, I just don't like the noise - I can't find any melody in it, and I hate the way they look. Our friends told us that Cindy was in her 50's - same age as me, and on the close-ups, yes I could believe it. But the clothes - oh dear...I just can't begin to describe it. And after seeing the other musicians our friends are so keen on, I started to think about the effect these people are having on the kids of today. No wonder we live in such an ugly, violent and angry society. Females don't seem to have any self-respect - it appears they dress to shock, rather than to make the best of themselves. The males are just as bad, and the stuff they sing (when you can understand the words) seems full of hate and anger, not to mention sex. Now, don't get me wrong - nothing wrong with sex, but when it is degraded to the levels of the gutter, well - as I said, no wonder the kids have no sense of beauty and compassion these days.

This brings me to the second discussion I refer to: with one of my new and very dear blog friends - Maggie Ann. A week or so ago, she responded to a light-hearted post I had here relating to Harry Potter, and I answered her comment later. Today, she posted again, and for those of you who don't read all the comments going back a few days (who would have the time!), I am taking the liberty of reproducing it here, as I think it is well worth a second look. Maggie originally expressed concern at the possible effect of Harry on his young readers, and I asked if she had read Enid Blyton, because that much loved lady featured all kinds of wizards and goblins etc. in her books, with no apparent detriment to my generation's morals!
Morning I don't believe I've ever read Enid Blyton but I am a 'serious' gal and do take the Bible literally. I sure agree that tv programing is horrid...the world is sitting in the devil's hand for morals on alot of tv. Multitudes of kids will be buying into the wicked values of 2005, what heartaches they will be opening themselves up to that need not have been. If God speaks against wizards, thats good enough for me. For me there is no higher authority nor wisdom than my God. Don't mean to be a thorn in the side though....I only want to let my little light shine for Jesus. We each choose for ourselves..I know that.

The tv programs Maggie refers to are some of the American mid-day interview shows, where people discuss the most intimate and sordid details of their lives for all the world to see. I suggested to Maggie that they have a far more profound effect on the children of today than poor little Harry Potter, and she agrees. (And Maggie, you are not a thorn in my side. I am not religious in any way, but I respect the beliefs of my friends, and their rights to believe in whatever they wish). So - my Blogging Friends - what do you think, if you have got this far?


Blogger ms*robyn said...

I agree that children of today are so influenced by the wrong things. I hate all these so called 'entertainers' who dress like - well no better than what were called 'ladies of the night'
As a parent, I have always dressed my children according to their age and with my youngest who is now 16 it became increasingly difficult to find decent clothes so I either had to shop in the more expensive dept. stores or make my own. All I could buy in cheaper stores were smaller versions of Madonna or similar. I would not allow that.
Also, I think that society has alot to do with the way our children are as we are not 'allowed' to chastise our children - they have way too many rights at too young an age. Children need rules, discipline & guidelines and parent's authority has been taken away.
sometimes I hear parents complaining about their childrens behaviour when all I can see is that they need a good smack but no,we have time out these days and by the way kids are today, that obviously doesnt work
oh and also many, many parents are selfish and can't be bothered as well.
Harry Potter I have no problem with at all - good prevails in the book. and it does get children reading which has to be a good thing.
I guess my opinion will annoy some but like you say - we all have our own opinions and it is good that we respect this
Oh Gina, I could go on and on about this subject of morality etc but I need to stop before I write a book ha ha.

Monday, 31 October, 2005  
Blogger Peggy said...

We all read Mother Goose growing up and fairy tales. They were about wicked step moms, witches, fairy godmothers. We knew they were fiction and we turned out as fairly normal adults didn't we? LOL Harry Potter isn't going to make a child stray from a Christian upbringing. Faith starts in the home and with parents.

Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  
Blogger Maggie Ann said...

Gina, while I appreciate your giving thought to my comment, I would like to clear up a couple of things. In my comment about the lack of decency and moral value in much of American tv, I had no specific show in mind and do not watch that type of programming you mention,ever.(Just in case any one may have thought I did, I add this note) And though many may read the Harry Potter series, I cannot and do not endorse it. I'll post my viewpoint and reasons on my blog yet tonight if I have time. It's been a busy day, I've gotten a lot done but still have my cello to practise!

Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Hi Maggie Ann, I posted this discussion originally, after reading your opinions and feelings, as I thought it would make an interesting topic of cyberspace conversation. I am honestly interested in people's opinions on all kinds of topics, and I do not sit in judgement of anyone else's feelings, so I hope you don't feel like a victim of a witch hunt!! I will watch for your blog posting on the subject...I read your blog every day anyway, so there is no chance of me missing it!

Tuesday, 01 November, 2005  

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