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Monday, January 15, 2007

Melbourne Water storage data as of today.

Melbourne's water storages are currently 37.8% full
Water storage data as at 14/1/2007
Melbourne's water consumption to 8am today (includes Western Water): 1,274ML

Water Restrictions
In addition to the permanent water saving rules introduced across Victoria in 2005, there are four stages of water restrictions.
Restriction stages are triggered when the amount of water in our storages falls to certain levels. These trigger points vary according to the time of the year - the trigger points (PDF, 29.8 kb) are higher in summer when demand is higher.
Stage 3 water restrictions are now in place as well as the permanent water saving rules.

The decision to lift or introduce water saving rules and restrictions is made by the Victorian Government based on information it receives from Melbourne Water and the retail water companies, City West Water , South East Water or Yarra Valley Water .
The status of water restrictions is reviewed monthly. Weather forecasts, water consumption, seasonal factors, and rainfall in catchments are all taken into consideration.
As extremely dry conditions persist, it is important that we continue to save water and conserve our precious drinking water supplies.

The severe drought affecting many parts of Australia has tightened its grip. In Victoria, the last decade has been the driest on record. River flows and reservoir levels are at all time-lows. The current drought is in its tenth year and has severely reduced the amount of water flowing in our rivers and streams and the level of water stored in our water supply reservoirs.

Melbourne has nine major water storages high up the forested water supply catchments to the north and east of Melbourne. These reservoirs supply water via large transfer mains to service reservoirs throughout the metropolitan area. From here the retail water companies take the water and supply it people who live and work within their area of responsibility. During drought Melbourne Water and the retail water companies work together to help people and businesses understand the need to conserve water and reduce demand.
Melbourne residents are very water conscious, and have reduced their consumption by 22% over average 1990s levels.


Blogger miss*R said...

we are down to about 35.5% here in Sydney. I am scared

Monday, 15 January, 2007  
Blogger Nicole said...

Hi Gina, Woolworths is donating its entire supermarket profit from 23rd January 2007 to the drought relief.
So if you need to grocery shop make sure you do it on this day and help out the drought relief program.
If you would like to read further info, go here....

Have a great day, Nicole xox.

Tuesday, 16 January, 2007  

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