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Friday, July 06, 2007

Our Friday.

My Golliwog teacosy has been doing the rounds of my home care clients and other friends (tucked in my tote bag), and he is adored by everyone. At home however, it is a different matter. I have had to hide him up high out of sight at night, in case Topsy discovers him during the night. Chances are we would get up in the morning to find bits of poor Golly scattered around the house...

This week was the last of Ken's three weeks off work. He was supposed to have two weeks holiday, but was so ill in the first week, it was no holiday! The second week was spent recovering from the first, and his doctor advised Ken to ask for a third week off so he could actually do something enjoyable, instead of just resting. As he still had three weeks owing to him, his boss granted him the extra week. So for this past week, he has spent two days riding his new bike (the only two days it wasn't raining) and the rest of the time, he's been messing around on the computer or in the garage. We finally got around to buying a gas barbecue, and as that came in bits in two boxes, he spent a day or two assembling that. I was going to take a snap of him in the garage surrounded by bits and pieces, but the look on his face when I approached him with camera in hand changed my mind! I think he is regretting the day he encouraged me to buy the digital camera..

Today was Barbecue Christening Day. We wheeled it from the garage to the back yard, and parked it on the patio (to which fortunately, we had a fibreglass roof built on last year). It rained steadily all day, but Ken was eager to try out the barbecue, so I shot down to the supermarket and bought some sausages. Not my favourite meal, but it was just to start things off!
This is what the weather was like here - WET! On the left of this pic, you can see our original barbecue, hand built by Ken and friends, from old bricks. We hadn't used it for 20 years!
New cooking appliance in place, waiting for summer.
Ken with sausage in hand. (That is, a sausage with fried onions and tomato sauce wrapped in a slice of bread.)

Topsy wanted to join the fun, but didn't want to get her paws wet, so she stayed behind the patio screen door.

"Wouldn't mind a piece of Ken's sausage..."


Blogger Val said...

Wow, gorgeous BBQ! Don't the guys love 'em! You'll really love using that when the weather warms up. And autumn is usually warm enough to eat outdoors too. Tip: those BBQs through out a lot of heat, so if it IS too cool, just sit up closer.

Saturday, 07 July, 2007  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I'm not really a BBQ lover, Val, so Ken will be doing all the cooking (and most of the eating!) I suppose I should have a closer look at my Women's Weekly BBQ cookbooks, as they have some yummy-looking recipes that I have never tried, simply because we didn't have a BBQ. Gotta be better than burnt offerings like snags and chops.......ugh.

Thursday, 12 July, 2007  

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