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I am married to Ken. We have no children except a cat and a collection of Australian parrots, finches, canaries and a dozen hens.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another bird family in Ken's aviaries.

The bird in the middle has his head on one side!

These tiny birds (smaller than the budgies) move so fast it is difficult to take a good photo of them. One of these looks like he has fangs, but he doesn't!

A friend of ours who lives in the next street decided to get a pair of these Zebra Finches about six months ago. He housed them in a standard metal bird cage, and to his surprise, they quickly laid eggs in the seed container and hatched two babies there! So he rung Ken to ask if he'd like some in one of his aviaries, and Ken said okay, but just the two, as he isn't ready for more birds other than budgies at the moment. When G. brought the finches around, and Ken put them into the aviary, it was an eye-opener for G. He was so used to seeing the finches hop from one perch to another in the cage without spreading their wings, it was wonderful to see them hovering, then flying from one end of the aviary to the other (3 metres). He said to Ken "I can't bear the thought of the others being cooped up in a small cage now" so he brought the rest of them here! So Ken now has eight Zebra Finches, of which two pairs have already mated up and are building nests!!!


Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Gina, I dont know how much a kilo the lobster was but I do know Donna pd $112.45c as i saw the price sticker when i was helping to tidy up,and was prompty told to sit down relax. I would love to catch up with you one day.Donna used to live in Eltham before moving to Yarrawonga.

Friday, 28 December, 2007  
Blogger Home Away from Home. said...

I so wish, we lived closer. I'd volunteer to take them. They look so neat. The one with the fangs made me laugh. You take such cool photos. :)

Friday, 28 December, 2007  
Blogger AnneS said...

Just wanted to drop by and wish you all the best for the remainder of the festive season - hope 2008 is a wondrous year full of peace, love and happiness :D

Sunday, 30 December, 2007  

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