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Friday, December 14, 2007

Where has this week gone??

Kathie from Wide Blue Yarn in the U.K. had an amusing paragraph on her blog to describe the sensation of time flying by:
Is it a bird? A plane?
No it’s the weekend flying by at the speed of sound…blink and you’ll miss it!!
And that’s exactly what I feel I did. I achieved nothing, I didn't get any extra sleep and I pretty much feel like I've gone straight from Friday night to Monday morning!!

Still grinning here! My week was like that. According to my diary, on Monday I had an appointment with Centrelink's job agency in the morning, and after lunch a lady came over to collect some stuff she'd won on my eBay auctions. Turns out she is a keen cross stitcher too, so we spent a pleasant couple of hours looking at my stash.

On Tuesday I had lunch with a very special lady who has appeared suddenly in our lives like the proverbial Good Fairy. She and her husband bought tickets for us for next year's André Rieu concert, after I'd said we couldn't afford $500 for a luxury like that when I'm unemployed. We were like long lost twin souls - didn't stop talking from the minute we met (1 pm) till when she dropped me back home (5 pm)! We are both Aries girls, and have so much in common, I think this friendship will go on long after André has come and gone...

Wednesday was spent with the Community frail and aged group; we took them to YanYean Reservoir for a picnic. Perfect day, and I forgot me bloody camera. On Wednesday evening, my friends and I visited Helen, but that is a separate post.
Thursday I visited my two Do Care Japanese ladies - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I always enjoy my visits with these sweet old ladies!
In a few hours it will be Friday morning, and I was supposed to be going for a job interview. But the agency phoned me to ask if I could go on Monday instead, so that leaves Friday free to take an elderly friend to the Eye Clinic in Carlton to collect her new glasses. Before we go, I'll get some housework done, with a bit of luck.


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