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Monday, January 21, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, right here actually - not far away at all. I was surprised (and touched) to receive some emails and phone calls recently from friends who said they were getting worried because I hadn't been seen posting to my blogs lately! I guess I didn't think I had much to write about lately, nor did I think many people would be around to read them anyway, it being the holiday season in Australia. Although, I am surprised at the number of people in my orbit who haven't gone away for an extended holiday this summer; most have stayed at home like us! Let me see...what can I write about? I've put a few new items of linen on Patra's Place, and there is always plenty happening on the André Rieu blog. Haven't updated Aprons for a while, but there will be a new one there shortly, as I've just had a win on eBay which needs to be paid for before I receive it of course. My swap cards blog has been sadly neglected of recent months...but I'll get around to updating that some day.

I have been taken on board by a job agency, but so far they haven't offered me any work in the area I want to work. Not that I'm in a hurry; I've got used to not working now, and am relishing each day where I can choose what I want to do. Doesn't pay the bills I will have to accept work when it is offered to me. The day before he turned 65 (December 18), Ken told his boss that he didn't have to return to work the next day, as he could retire on a full pension if he wanted to. The boss asked what he was going to do, and Ken replied that he wanted to continue working for another year or so, but wanted some holiday time, as he hasn't had any since he started working there two years ago. So the boss said he could have the whole of March off. Hmmm....I can't see us going anywhere for a holiday. Ah well, I guess I've had mine these past three months, being able to relax and have me-time.

Ken's Zebra finches have been busy. He put 4 nesting baskets in the aviary less than a month ago, and three pairs have already laid eggs. He told me tonight that one lot have just hatched! It's going to be noisy up the back of our yard soon; those finches say "meeep meeeep meeeep!" all day long! The only time they go quiet is when Topsy escapes the house and goes into the yard to check her territory. She jumps from the fence to the roof of the aviaries, and sprawls across it, gazing down at the poor terrified birds, licking her chops!!! Ken and I shoo her off as soon as we discover her up there; it's a wonder none of the birds have died of heart failure.


Blogger wideblueyarn said...

Hi! Was wondering where you'd got too!! Glad to hear you've just been enjoying the holiday season.

Wednesday, 23 January, 2008  
Blogger Alice said...

Ohhhh, it doesn't seem a bit fair that your husband will be free during March just as you've returned to work! I do understand that you want to work though and those folks you'll be working with will be so fortunate to have you helping them.

Wednesday, 23 January, 2008  

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