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Monday, March 10, 2008

Gone fishing? No - just busy!

I was startled to see that my last post here is dated February - and now we are almost half way through March! What have I been doing that is so important, that I have neglected this blog? Well, nothing really. I've been posting plenty of stuff to Patra's Place and some of my other blogs, but haven't had much to write about here. I've caught up with reading most of my favourite blogs by Other People, and like Isabelle, sometimes wonder what it is about mine that brings people back to read it after their first visit. I'm not asking for feedback here - just thinking out loud! (Typing out loud? You know what I mean..) I can only suppose that people read mine because they find me interesting as a person - that is the reason I read the blogs of other people who, in the normal course of my life I would never have got to know. But I'm glad I have got to know you!

This weekend just gone was a holiday weekend in Victoria - Labour Day, the origin of which has been long forgotten by most people (if ever they knew it), but happily anticipated by most of us, as the weather is still nice enough to warrant going out for a day, or going further afield for the whole weekend. We hadn't planned anything at all, other than to relax and catch up on various household tasks. It didn't turn out like that, much to our surprise! Sharon and Pete brought Sharon's Dad over to meet us on Saturday, and we thoroughly enjoyed their company for a couple of hours.

After they left, we had intended to fill some prescriptions for Ken's medication, but got sidetracked when Ken decided he wanted to purchase the "Ratatouille" Disney animated movie that scored an Oscar or two this year. So off we went to JB HiFi, where we spent much more than we could afford, on "Ratatouille", "Surf's Up", and a couple of CDs including André Rieu and Ricky Nelson (now there's a blast from the past!). I knew Helen was keen to see "Ratatouille" so I called to see if she and Ray would like to come around after tea and watch it. My casual invitation was happily accepted, so Saturday night was spent with our good friends, enjoying this hilarious movie.

Sunday threatened to be a scorcher, so we decided to head off on the Suzuki to cool off. Ken phoned some friends who live about an hour's drive from us, and they said "YES! Please come over, we'd love to see you!" C. is one of my longest standing friends - we met through being Elvis fans while still at school. Her hubby F. is great mates with Ken, so while they watched some movie clips in F's home theatre room, C. and I sat in the cool of the kitchen and talked about Elvis and other mutual interests.

We got home about 6 pm, to find the girls next door nearly in tears because their 3 month old Burmese kitten had climbed one of the tallest gum trees on the block next door, and wasn't able to get back down! Ken and I tried to reassure them that this is all part of the kitten/cat survival skills learning cycle, and that Mocca (her big brother is Latte) would eventually find her way down. But, she didn't. Her owners had the SES out with their ladders but the tree was too tall even for them, so they left. Ken went out with a torch just before midnight and came inside to report that Mocca was not on her own. There was a Powerful Owl watching her from another tree. This was not a good sign. These Owls are among the biggest of their species here, and are known to eat possums, so a kitten would be just another meal, albeit a rather furry one (in this case as Ken pointed out, a rather expensive furry meal). There was nothing anyone could do by then, so everyone went back indoors and crossed their fingers that little Mocca would survive. It appears that she did. We haven't seen our neighbours to speak to, but they have visitors today, and there was lots of laughter and happy noise coming from their house, so I'm assuming Mocca is safe and indoors tonight!

Today - Monday, was even hotter than Sunday. I had one job this morning but was home by midday, and stayed inside for the rest of the day in air conditioned coolness. We spent much of the afternoon listening to music - André, Elvis, Chet Atkins, and various others, while Ken fiddled with his sound system. What is it about blokes and their hi-fi/music set ups? When it is set up and working nicely, why do they have to keep on messing around with it? Oh well, it keeps him out of mischief I suppose...Hope your week is going to be a good one.


Blogger Alice said...

Glad to hear you've been enjoying time with friends. I watched Andre Rieu on TV the other night. I just learned that he attended the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, one of the best music schools in the world.

Tuesday, 11 March, 2008  
Blogger miss*R said...

You are lucky to have so many bloggers who live nearby.. I think I must be the only one in NSW (oops there is one lady in Junee that i know of).. I would love to meet someone from blogworld.. maybe it will be you if I ever get my act together to come down.. or maybe you might be passing through on your way to the ZigZag ;) ~

Tuesday, 11 March, 2008  

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