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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Small talk...

Is it a week already since I last posted something here? Gosh, I shall have to do something about, what shall I write?
Replies to comments on my last post, I think would be appropriate.
Thanks for your collective good wishes for Ken and I - we are okay now. I found some awful tasting stuff costing $21.95 in the local health food shop, and when Ken saw how quickly I recovered, he got stuck into it and finished off the bottle. I was a bit concerned because I didn't know whether it would react with his regular medicines. Doctors and chemists always warn you about taking herbal or alternative therapies on top of pharmaceutical drugs, but there were no side effects, and he also got over the cold quicker than usual.

Patty, I am amazed that you guys have that Aussie beer over there already! I'm not surprised that Keith didn't like it; has he tried any other Aussie beers?
Alice, I haven't visited you for a while; I'll drop over and 'collect your award' - lol!
Jeanette - as I type, it is raining quite hard here..hope you are getting some of it up your way too! Just as long as we don't get any tornadoes over from the west...wasn't that frightening!

I've been busier than usual with my stitching lately. I was working on a wedding anniversary sampler for ages, which I have now finished, and today I finished a small project which will be entered into the Embroiderers' Guild 2008 Members Challenge. It is the first year I've entered this; I've never had time before to think about something I could submit, then stitch it by the allocated time. But this year it was a simple theme - 'Embroider a Leaf'. So I did. You can see it on my stitching blog if you are interested. Talking of stitching, I've joined a group on a new stitching forum, where the members commit to learning/practising a new stitch every week, starting on Tuesdays. It's called "Take A Stitch Tuesday" (TAST for short) and it's keeping me busy, but I'm happy doing it, as I seem to have done nothing but cross stitch for years now, and really want to get back to traditional embroidery.

Workwise, nothing has changed. I am still looking after two clients: one lady in her own apartment, who I visit twice weekly to help her get dressed and fed in the morning, and the other lady in a nursing home, three days a week. This particular lady is rapidly fading, but she is clinging on to life, despite hardly eating or drinking anything for days. Not that she wants to live much longer, but the human body has an amazing tenacity sometimes, in spite of what the mind is thinking (or not thinking, in the case of dementia). Today she was in bed and on oxygen, and I was sitting beside her, holding her hand. Not even sure that she was conscious, but as soon as I made a move to get up and go, her grip tightened like a vice, even though she didn't open her eyes!

There you are then, friends - my weekly report (LOL). It's nearly 1 am, so I'm off to bed now, but I'll catch up with all my blog friends in the next day or so.


Blogger Home Away from Home. said...

Hi Gina,
A quick answer. I have no clue but I'll ask him. I don't drink beer so I tend to not pay any attention. LOL

Monday, 16 June, 2008  

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