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Monday, June 02, 2008

So much for a quiet weekend...

We'd planned a quiet weekend at home, just the two of us, pottering. Ken had to take his Honda to the local bike shop for a roadworthy certificate on Saturday morning, and he took off about 11 am. I did two loads of washing, and started on the dusting and vacuuming. The phone rang about 12.30 and it was Ken asking me if I would pick him up, as the bike needed some work doing on it, and he'd have to leave it there. So off I went, and when we left the bike shop I asked "Do you want to go home, or do you need to do any shopping?" Ken thought for a minute, and replied "Yes - I want to get a camera case for my new camera". (He's just bought a digital camera from TVSN, the Foxtel shopping show). So we headed for the Greensborough shopping centre. This was about 1 pm. We got home at 5 pm!

After he got his camera case, we stayed in Harvey Norman's, looking around. Fatal mistake. Ken ended up buying a memory stick for his computer, but as they were having a sale he got it for a good price. Walking past the shops, we noticed a nice fleecy top in a menswear shop for $10. Ken has one of these already, but another one won't go astray, especially at that price.

Walking further along, we had to stop at the pet shop and admire the kittens in the window. No, we didn't buy one of those, but we spent quite some time looking at birds, fish, and pet paraphernalia, none of which we bought. Ken wanted a ceramic dish to use as a water bowl for his hens, so we went into several shops before going into K-Mart and coming out with a dish and a few other items that caught our eyes. We stopped for coffee and raisin toast (Ken had chips), and on the way back to the car, made one more stop at a $2 shop where he found something else he'd been looking for.

We were both exhausted by the time we got home, so dinner was delayed until about 8 pm! The rest of the night was spent by me online and Ken asleep in front of the t.v.
Sunday morning was cold and foggy, so we stayed in bed until late morning. I'd planned to go my swap card club meeting, but kept looking at the huge pile of ironing to be done, so I decided to stay home and get stuck into that. Ha. Pigs might fly. I'd bought a couple of Danielle Steel books at an opshop recently, and started reading one of those after we'd had our lunch of toasted ham sandwiches. Ken was in and out, doing stuff around the yard, and I didn't surface until 5 pm when I realised what the time was, and figured I'd better start cooking tea! The ironing did get done, but it wasn't finished until about 10 pm.

Boring weekend you think? Maybe so, but these days, that's the way I like 'em!


Blogger Alice said...

I like "boring" weekends too. But yours didn't sound boring at all with the shopping. Spur of the moment shopping is the best, stopping here and there, picking up a few things.

Tuesday, 03 June, 2008  
Blogger Miss Eagle said...

Looks like Ken did a good imitation of shop-till-you-drop. And to think it's women who have the reputation for that!

Blessings and bliss

Tuesday, 03 June, 2008  

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