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Monday, February 23, 2009

Neighbours From Hell.

The neighbours at one side of our house are a family of four - Mother and three daughters. They have lived there for about 16 years, and have never been friendly with anyone nearby. The MOTH walked out on them about 10 years ago, and Mother lost control of the girls from then on. The girls are aged between 16 and 22. The two older ones come and go, living with friends or coming back home as the mood strikes them, I guess - who knows? The 16 year old grew up watching her sisters have wild parties, and now she seems intent on starting the same thing.

We (and their neigbours on their other side) have done the usual things to shut them up - yell over the fence, phone them, call the police, and so on. Mother works night shift as a nurse, so as you can imagine, while the cat's away....One Friday night last year, she took off at 11 pm and within minutes the back yard was filled with teenagers, drinking, yelling and swearing. So I phone Mother at her workplace and told her what was going on. Ten minutes later, the house was in darkness, and all was quiet for the rest of the night.

I thought that idea worked well, as there was not much trouble for a long time.
But, last Friday night, it all started again - teenage boys drinking, swearing, etc. I yelled out over the fence to them to knock it off and they just laughed. All right, I thought - let's try Mother again. So I phone her workplace, only to be told she wasn't working that night. Ken called the police, and they came about 3 am to find nothing much happening, so they didn't stay. The kids finally disappeared inside about 3.30 a.m.

This evening (Sunday) there was a knock on our door. There was "Mother" from next door, highly indignant that I had phoned her at her workplace again about her kids. She said (and get this) she was at home on Friday night! Ken and I said 'What?' in unison! Why didn't she do anything about the kids behaviour? She said she was in bed. She'd heard me call out but said the kids can deal with it - they are adults and responsible for their behaviour. HELLO!!! RESPONSIBLE?? Irresponsible is more like it. All she could say was how unprofessional I was to call her at work. Well who cares about unprofessional - I don't. I told her I would do it again - every time her kids are there unsupervised and making a ruckus, I would ring her. She said she would get into trouble with her boss, and I said good. Maybe that will encourage you to do something about your kids and their friends.

More words were exchanged, she went back home, and I started making phone calls to our neighbours. Three households are very angry about it, having also been woken up by the noise on Friday night. I've got some more calls to make tomorrow, and I've got a pretty good idea of what to expect. Then I'll be phoning our solicitor and asking what we (as a group of households) can do. Can some kind of restraining order be placed on these obnoxious people, to stop them making so much noise late at night? The local police have told me they can't do anything (typical), but that I should go to the local council, and they might issue a fine. Ha. MIGHT issue a fine. Which Mother would pay, but which would not stop her brats from behaving like louts.

Has anyone else reading this experienced similar problems? And if so, do you have any solutions? Apart from retrieving Ken's guns from under the house and waving them around over the fence at the kids....


Blogger Finding My Way said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. It's awful that the mother doesn't care.
I had a friend who had neighbors from hell. She got a skunk and quietly snuck him into the yard. The loud little brats didn't notice. She then threw a fire cracker nearby. The rest was a "smelly" situation. LOL They never did figure out how the skunk got in the yard. She said things were quiet for a while.

Maybe the neighborhood should crash the party as a big group. Tell them since they were so loud they must be inviting everyone? Or maybe call the newspaper and see if they'd do a story on irresponsible mom?

Sorry I guess I'm not much help. Hope it does get better. But a skunk couldn't hurt. ;) --Patty

Thursday, 26 February, 2009  

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