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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Living on tenterhooks.

Poor little Victoria. From being the beautiful Garden State with a booming population, I think we might have a mass exodus after the bushfires have died down and people can regroup. How much longer can we live with the media's dire threats every few days of 'horror weather patterns' promising to get the existing fires burning out of control again, and sparking new ones?

Ken and I finally got to pull our Gazebo down tonight, We decided it just had to be done one way or another, because if the weather forecast is accurate, the gazebo framework could take off in a heavy wind and do any amount of damage if it landed in someone's property. So we went outside armed with the instructions, and it folding up fairly quickly and neatly.

We still have up to a dozen kookaburras arriving in the back yard every day for breakfast and dinner. Sometimes only one or two are waiting, and I put out a little bit of meat for them. Next thing, half a dozen will swoop down from nearby trees, so I have to go back inside and get some more food for them! Sooooo cute. The neighbours (the nice ones) think it's wonderful - they've been in with their cameras, and want to come in again while the kookas are still coming in numbers.

Possums have always been with us here, but there seem to be more than usual. We heard of a wildlife carer who had a lot of ringtail possums she needed temporary homes for, and was asking over the radio if anyone had room in aviaries for them. When I told Ken he said no, we didn't have room for possums in his aviaries. But when someone told us a few days later, that another carer had a bunch of koalas in her house that needed temporary homes, he jumped at the chance of having one or two of those in his aviaries! I said 'but you said you didn't have enough room', to which he replied 'That was for possums. I'd make room for koalas!'

MIL has settled in well with us; she is eating well, taking all her medications when prompted by me, and dressing herself. Sadly, dementia is rearing its ugly head, so there are some personality changes, which is upsetting Ken and his sister. I've told them not to worry at this stage; I've been working with older people for 10 years, so I know what to expect, and how to deal with it.


Blogger Merle said...

Dear Gina ~~ Isn't it wonderful that the fire danger appears to be over.
The wind was awful here too and my gazebo was swaying. It is OK and compared to what others have lost it would not have been mattered.
We could not have gone on with dire warnings every few days, it was wearing us all out. I hope Ken gets on with the koalas well. Glad his mother is settled in and now this is over, she may feel better. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Thursday, 05 March, 2009  

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