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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a wonderful world we live in.

The world is full of creative people. I sat down here to write some letters over an hour ago. I should have turned my computer on but not gone online. It always happens - I get sidetracked. If you are curious about my waffle, pop over to my other blog here and see what I've found! You will also see what I've been doing that has left no time to post anything on this blog. Not that there is anything much to post that would interest a world wide audience!

But you're here, so I may as well start scribbling. Scribble. What an appropriate word for writing or typing nonsense. So, what has been happening here since my last post on the 4th of May? Well, we've been spending money...again. I refuse to thank our government for their handouts - we didn't spend $700 just because it was 'given' to us. We'll all have to pay it back again, for years to come. No, this expense was strictly necessary. My 12 year old Hoover washing machine has been so reliable all it's little life, and as it has got noisier in its old age, I just ignored it. We all get noisy in our old age. At one end or the other.

Moving right along - last Saturday I put a load of washing on, and while it was doing its thing, I went to the other end of the house to make the bed or something. Ken was outside, and I heard a lot of banging and rattling, as if he had put some rocks in the wheelie bin and was trundling it down the path. I headed toward the kitchen and laundry to see what he was doing, and realised it was the washing machine making all the noise. Mind you, it was still actually washing - swishing soapy water around the clothes, and rinsing, all to the correct cycle time. But I turned the power off, just in case it decided to blow up. I reset the function to the last spin and turned it back on. Mercifully it achieved the final rinse without too much drama, so I got that load on the line. But enough is enough. It had got to the stage where the windows rattled along with the washing machine, so Ken and I figured the old girl could be retired.

I dug out my Choice magazines and looked up the test results for washing machines. Front loader of course - for a number of reasons that I won't list here, but most people these days would know why. Anyway, I was happy with the front loader I've just had, so why change? After reading all the pros and cons of the thirty-plus machines they reviewed, I wrote down the brands and RRP of a couple that I liked, and headed off to Greensborough yesterday. I would have gone to Harvey Norman first, but I had to drop my printer cartridge off for a refill elsewhere, and Retravision was just down the road, so I went in there. There was no other customers in the shop just then, so I had the manager's attention, and he was very helpful. He looked at my list, checked the prices, and said he could match them. After looking at a couple of machines, I selected a Whirlpool, paid $700 on credit, and continued on my way.

As I was walking right past Harvey Norman, I thought I may as well have a look, and I was astonished to find the machine I'd just purchased, but at a price of over $1000!!! People go on about Miele, Fisher and Paykel, and all those other high priced brands. They might be good, even better than the Whirlpool or Hoover or other old brand names, but the old names are the ones I grew up with, and no, they are not made in Australia any more (don't get me started on THAT), but what the heck. The price is right, there is only the two of us living here, and I'm not rough on my appliances. $700 is enough to pay.


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