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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy weeks ahead.

Not having a job to go to, is working out rather well for me at the moment. Once I've been to my chiro. appointments, for the next two weeks I have plenty of things to do and places to go. All the driving probably won't do my neck much good, but I'll just wear my neckbrace while I'm in the car, and that should help.

Remember those fabric postcards from Lorna's students in England? I delivered the first lot to Strathewen Primary school, then my run was delayed by sundry annoyances. But I'm back on track now, after making some phone calls today. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'm heading up to Healesville with two more bags of postcards. One bag has 24 postcards for the kids of Marysville Primary School. They are based at Taggerty at the moment, in a portable classroom, and as that is quite a long drive from here, the principal suggested I drop them off with a friend of hers in Healesville, where she can collect them.
The other bag of 34 postcards are for Chum Creek Primary school, which is not far from the town centre of Healesville. This school wasn't burned to the ground, but the fires came very close and destroyed a lot around the school itself. One of the teachers told me today that most of the children suffered trauma of one kind or another; one child lost his parents in the fires, and another lost his grandparents who were burnt to death in their house.

Next week, the last of the postcards are going to Middle Kinglake Primary school, which was completely burnt down, but the 120 pupils are presently being educated at portable classrooms in the nearby sports oval, I believe. Not sure exactly, but I guess we'll find out when we get there.

I have wondered if all the driving and phone calls have been worthwhile? I know the teachers I've spoken to think it is fantastic that the kids in England have such empathy for our kids. But what do the kids themselves think? And their parents? Guess I'll never know, but it doesn't really matter, does it. I believe that any good actions individuals carry out in the world have a positive effect on the planet overall.


Blogger Finding My Way said...

I hope your treatments go well. I miss my chiro but he's not covered by my insurance.

You've been very busy and speaking as a retired/former teacher. YES kids do appreciate knowing other people care. :) Especially in the world today.

Have a great weekend! I've got to run or I'll be late for work.
HUGS _Patty

Friday, 19 June, 2009  

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