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Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday 4th January.

It was a satisfying kind of day. Probably not of much interest to most people, but we bloggers like to stick our nose over the fence (or the ocean) and see what our bloggy neighbours are up to, so here is what I did:
After my daily exercise routine and breakfast, I did a load of washing. With blue sky and sunshine like this, why would one bother using a clothes drier? (Sorry to stick it up you snow-bound people, lol)

Drove down the road to the post office to collect my mail (I should have walked, I know, but I thought it might be too hot to walk back - my excuse and I'm sticking to it). The mail included a bill from Telstra that was three weeks old, therefore two weeks overdue. It had been put into another post office box and obviously sat there until the box holder checked his mail and found my bill sitting in there. Slack mail sorters...The nicer items included a Christmas card from England, probably delayed due to strikes at both ends, a fabric postcard, and a surprise packet from Sherri in the USA - one of my stitching friends who owns a needlecraft business. I saw a specific kind of needle-threader on her site last year, but it was unobtainable in Australia, so she sent me one! Aren't people kind?

Continuing on with my day. On my 'to do' list was sorting out my buttons into jars of colours. That took about half an hour.

Of course there is always ironing, but this was the only item worth photographing - a cute cupcake apron that my friend Louise gave me for Christmas - love it!

Finally, my to do list included darning the holes in Ken's bike socks. These socks are about $25 a pair, and they develop holes in the heels and toes within a couple of months, but I refuse to buy new ones at that price! I phoned Helen to see if she was home and wanted company, and she said yes, so I took the socks and wool etc. around, and we sat outside in the sun darning! Her hubby asked if he could bring his socks out to be mended but Helen immediately said "No! Yours are acrylic. Ken's are wool. But while you are here, can I have a glass of water?" Ray looked tired, so I said "I'll get it for you", and Ray smiled and said "We've got our own pink pixie to do the work today!" (my pants and top were both pink).

We rewarded ourselves with a cup of tea and some of Helen's delicious fruit cake, and Ray came outside again to join us in the beautiful sunshine. He nodded off, and Helen was reading some magazines I'd brought around, so I snuck inside and washed all the dishes that were on the sink. When I went back outside, I said "You're in luck today - your pink pixie has just washed the dishes!"


Blogger Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina,

Happy New Year to you and Ken.
Hope this year is a very good
one for the both of you with
good health and much happiness.

I've been catching up a bit with
your blog Gina and was interested in the encounter that you and your
friend had with a Bookcrossing
wild book. I'm a member of the
Bookcrossing online group and I
have the paraphernalia for
releasing a book into the wild,
bags, book markers, stickers etc.
But somehow I've never gotten
around to actually taking that
final step. I guess part of the
problem with me is that I don't
often read a book and then pass
it on. I read it and if I like
it, which I usually do, then it
becomes a part of my personal
library. Maybe someday....

And of course I was delighted
that the book you found was a
Lucy Maud Montgomery book.
Anne is a beloved daughter of
Canada and we're quite proud of
her and her popularity around
the world. Although L.M.
Montgomery is primarily linked
to Prince Edward Island, she
actually lived in a town just
next door to Georgetown (where
I live) called Norval for a
number of years where her husband was a minister. She even wrote
some of her books while living

Your garden looks lovely with
all the new mulch spread out
all over it. We put cedar
mulch down in our front garden
every few years since it helps
to keep the ground moist longer
(our front garden is full sun
during the hottest part of the
day, no shade) and of course it
also looks nice.

Slippers are a very personal
thing. It's hard to find a
pair that suit our own particular
wants and needs and when we do
find the perfect pair it's hard
to let them go because we often
can't find them again when we
need to buy a new pair. So I can
understand why you hung on to
that old pair of worn out but
very comfortable slippers for so
long. :)

Good luck with the biscornu
challenge. Being finishing
challenged myself I've never
even contemplated trying to
put a biscornu together, and
frankly the thought of doing
so scares me to death!! I
will watch with interest to
see how you make out with this
resolution. They are a lovely
finish though, aren't they?

It's been very, very cold here
today with temperatures in the
-12 Celsius range and a wind
chill making it feel like twice
that number. I am wearing so
many layers under my winter
coat I tend to look a bit like
the Michelin Tire man.

We've had some snow but not too much. However north of here in cottage country they have had
lots of snow because of cold
winds blowing off of the lakes.
In mid December some areas had a storm that dumped around 80 cm
of snow in just a couple of days. That's a heck of a lot of snow.
Pretty? Yes. Does it wreck
havoc with everyday life when
it's that much of a dump?? ohhh
boy, does it ever.

Thanks for your kind words in
your comment on my blog. I'm
very pleased (and somewhat
shocked) with how well I've
done with Weight Watchers and
exercising in the past nine
months. Now comes the fun part.
Trying to stay at or around my
goal weight. Did I mention the
tins of chocolate biscuits that
I was given for Christmas???
I'm doomed.


Tuesday, 05 January, 2010  

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