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Friday, March 05, 2010

I'm tired - it's been a busy week!

The cold virus didn't take hold, so I was free to go on my merry way this week. Guild duty on Tuesday was a good day as usual, with the other volunteers. I did most of the housework and shopping on Wednesday so I could go out the next day with a clear conscience. Thursday was my day out with Val in the city. The weather was warm but not too hot to walk to the various places we'd planned on visiting. I took lots of photos - funny how you see your own city through new eyes when you are with someone else. Val was born in the USA, but married an Aussie, and came here to live about 30 years ago. She loves Melbourne, and is always finding something new to visit or do, and I'm lucky to get caught up in the action now and then! I'll be making up a photo album thing online shortly and will post a link to it so my friends can see where we went.

Some people reading this may remember me writing about my friend Helen, who had a stroke a few years ago. She hasn't been really well in the past month or so, and last week she was taken to hospital and operated on. She had a blood clot and bleeding from the brain, which meant an emergency op, and she is now in rehab. learning to talk and walk again. Life can be so cruel, can't it? A three year old boy has been abducted and killed in Melbourne this week. The state of Queensland has suffered massive floods, and an area greater than that of the state of Victoria is now under water in Queensland's south, according to the MSN news site this morning. And that's only in Australia; I don't need to list all the chaos overseas with earthquakes,mudslides, tsunamis, etc. Ken's computer isn't working properly, his Honda needs more work done on it, he busted his new helicopter toy last night, and he thinks life is tough...Well, I got news for you, buddy. You are not so badly off in comparison!


Blogger Merle said...

Dear Gina ~~ I am glad the cold didn't develop and you had your days out. I am so sorry Helen isn't well again. She has had a long hard road.But while there's life, there's hope.
Sorry about the helicopter Ken. I am waiting to hear by the end of the week the results of my echo thingy.Sorry Ken has to have them every 6 months, but so long as they keep him well. Awful that little 3 year odl Indian boy and I hope it wasn't an Aussie that killed him. Floods in Q'ld are bad.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Friday, 05 March, 2010  
Blogger FredaB said...

All I can say to the above is Amen. We are so spoiled and I sometimes feel very selfish and it makes me feel horrible when I read all the cruel things life gives to people. Take care of yourself.



Saturday, 06 March, 2010  

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