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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten days later.

My blogging time lately has been devoted to quilting and patchwork blogs - mine and others. I tend to forget this one, unless I have some momentous, earth-shattering news to impart. I still don't have any of that, but a bit of better news about my Kenny. We went to see the lung specialist today. Ken has been increasingly worried about this impending visit, as his breathing has not improved at all since the heart surgery, and since he had bronchitis last month, he hasn't had much energy at all.

Well, Dr Russell put Ken through some breathing tests, and discussed the implications of the heart surgery with us. He said that while Ken's lungs are certainly diseased, and have deteriorated since he last saw Ken 3 years ago, he doesn't think that Ken needs to go onto oxygen therapy...yet. A few years down the track perhaps, but not at the moment. He has prescribed a new 'puffer' that he says will do a number of things to help Ken's breathing improve, and he wants to see him again in six weeks. In the meantime he said there is no reason why Ken shouldn't go back to work if he wants to, but he warned Ken that he will probably get very tired, and suggested that he ask if he can work part time.

Ken was quietly ecstatic by all this information! He is going to go into his work and ask his supervisor if he can work part time. They don't usually allow the couriers to work part time there, but they have been ringing Ken to ask when he is coming back. So if they are that keen to have him back, maybe they will take him on his terms!

Back to the subject of momentous news; I guess the best thing that has happened to us so far this year is that we have been able to pay our house off. We had a huge mortgage which we wouldn't have paid off unless we sold the house, but when Ken's Mum discovered our situation, she insisted on us taking the amount we needed from her trust fund. She said "I don't want you to wait until I'm dead. I want to see you use it now!" Ken's sister was happy for us to do it, which was good because we had been worried that she might not agree, but there was no problem at all. As she said, there is still plenty in their mother's account to cover her needs. What a weight off my it is a pretty good year all round for us so far. But I feel so sorry for the millions of people around the world who haven't been so fortunate - those in Queensland and Victoria who were flooded early this year, and the people of Japan and New Zealand who are still suffering the effects of earthquakes and the tsunami. One could win Tattslotto ten times over and there still wouldn't be enough money to go around...


Blogger Pear tree cottage! said...

Gina, hello to you and ken.....We thank you so much for Robs lovely card and it was a thrill that you remembered his birthday. We have been very busy here but only because work gets in the way!! so have not even been able to see family much, I do hope this finds you both well we often talk about kens recovery so I was so pleased to read your post tonight and will now go and tell Rob. hugs from us here always. Rob & Lee-Ann

Wednesday, 29 June, 2011  

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