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Friday, October 12, 2012


I posted this on my other blog Patra's Place, and am repeating it here because it has a nice ending.
I have accumulated so much fabric this year that I ran out of space to store it, and it was in piles on the floor, which I kept tripping over. As most of my sewing stash is on shelves in the wardrobe of one of our spare bedrooms, I decided to make some more room in there for the excess fabric. On the top two shelves, we had stored photos albums, boxes of photos, board games, old calendars, and other stuff we couldn't bring ourselves to chuck out. I hauled it all out on to the floor, gritted my teeth and started sorting out. I filled a box full of paper for the recycle bin, threw out a box of negatives that were not needed, as the photos were safely in albums years ago. The albums and other photos went back on to the top shelf, along with other folders and the board games. The calendars are still to be sorted out and given to local schools for kids to cut up, although I might keep a few for craft purposes. I looked up on Google "How to recycle old calendars" and found some great ideas!
Today, I took a dozen Elvis calendars, a shoebox full of postcards, and some old newspapers to one of my favourite shops here in Eltham - "Janet's Jumble". Janet buys and sells anything she takes a fancy to, and her shop is a fascinating mix of genuine antiques and collectable junk. I've bought quite a few bits and pieces since she opened a couple of years ago, and I've also taken my excess 'stuff' in for her to have a look at. She told me that Elvis is very collectable, and gave me $20 for the calendars, which I was very happy with, as otherwise they would have gone into the recycle bin. The newspapers were the issues published at the start of the new millenium - collectable on the day of publication according to the editors! I had two copies of them, so Janet took the extras as well as the box of postcards, and paid me $30. So I got $50 for stuff that would have gone in the bin! Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this - before you throw your old stuff out, scout around for buyers - they are out there somewhere!


Blogger Linens and Royals said...

Interesting! I will look for a Janet's Jumble or equivalant here. I agree about the negatives, photos can be so easily copied these days. Sylvia

Saturday, 13 October, 2012  
Blogger fabriquefantastique said...

now you have $50 to spend on more lovely finds

Tuesday, 23 October, 2012  
Blogger fabriquefantastique said...

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Tuesday, 23 October, 2012  

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