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Sunday, August 18, 2013

When politics gets personal....and nasty.

Ken and I are still under the weather, so you can imagine how I felt today when somebody practically LEANED on our front door bell until I got there to open the door. I was confronted by a mad woman with bright red hair (no, not Julia) yelling abuse at me for ripping Labor party signs off fences where she and her husband had been putting them. HELLOOOOOO???? I got a torrent of abuse regarding Nick, the Liberal candidate whose sign had been put up in our front yard a few weeks ago. She told me to give Nick a message from her and I suggested that she phone him herself, as I don't have a hotline to him. She said he never answers his phone, and I asked why would she think he would answer it if I rang? She ignored that, and said just tell him that if you people keep ripping our signs down, we'll rip yours down. I was weary by then and said 'If it makes you happy, go right ahead, just rip it down'.
 Well, I went outside an hour later and sure enough, the stupid b---h had done just that! I emailed her candidate, our candidate, and the local paper, protesting about her attitude to me. I've never EVER torn down or defaced any political (or otherwise) signs in my life. Some neighbours two doors up always have a poster up for the Labor candidates at election time, just as we usually have one for the Liberals. I don't touch theirs, and they don't touch ours. Simple as that - we respect each other's viewpoint - there is no need to get cranky over it.

Update two days later
I emailed a complaint to the Labor Party about this incident, and was surprised but gratified to receive two responses within 24 hours, both apologising for the behaviour of the woman, and telling me she had been told this was not the way to conduct a political campaign, and cautioned not to do it again.  Well!  I emailed back to both responders and thanked them for their apologies.  Why can't more people in politics be this civilised?   It cools things down and makes both sides feel better about themselves, don't you think?


Blogger Pear tree cottage! said...

She should have had a liberal sign up! Poor think she backed the wrong horse lol lol lol.

Saturday, 07 September, 2013  

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