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Monday, September 16, 2013

Cataract surgery.

Another hospital trip over and done with.  Ken had cataract surgery on his right eye today.   In spite of everyone else we know who has had this (including his mother a few years ago) telling him that it doesn't take long, doesn't hurt, and his sight will be so much better, Ken was uptight about it over the past few days.  He's been in and out of hospital so many times in recent years, I told him he should be used to it by now - ha ha, not funny, said Ken. 

We were told he would only be in the hospital for a couple of hours and I should wait, rather than go home after dropping him off, and coming back again.  Well, next time (his left eye) I will go back home!  We got to the Eye & Ear Hospital about 7.15 am. (we were told to arrive between 7 and 7.30 am) and parked my car in the undercover car park around the corner.  (Street parking is one hour max with parking meters, so I figured I may as well leave it undercover and pay whatever it would be).   Sat around in the waiting room until about 9.30 am, when Ken was called into the area where the operating theatres are.  Another hour's wait, and he was taken into a side room for pre-op stuff- drops in the eyes, hospital gown, etc.  Then he was told it would be another hour.  I went to the hospital cafe and had a coffee and did some stitching. 

When I came back, he had just gone into the theatre, so I went for a walk around the block.  I got a message on my mobile phone just as I walked back into the hospital, saying Ken would be ready to go home in 30 minutes.  So I joined him in the post-op recovery room where he was having a cup of tea and sandwiches, and chatting to the nurses and other patients.  He was relieved it was over, and said that everyone was right - it only took half an hour under local anaesthetic, there was no pain or discomfort, so he was happy, and said he won't mind having the other eye done when the eye surgeon advises him to.

Back to the reception desk to pay the bill.  Anaesthetic  $385.  Hospital $700.   Surgeon's bill to come in the mail - about $1200.  All of which we had been told in advance.  But we got a nasty surprise when we collected the car - $65 for parking - you should have heard me yell!  Ah well, you live and learn, don't you.  As I said, next time I'll drop him off at the front door and either go home, or do some shopping in a street where I can park the car for a few hours for a few dollars!


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