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Sunday, September 22, 2013

This afternoon at Westerfolds Park, Templestowe.

I was on duty at the Embroiderers Guild exhibition this morning, and on the way home, the sun burst through the clouds and it was promising to be a lovely spring afternoon.  When I got home I suggested to Ken that I make up a picnic lunch, and we spend the afternoon at one of the many beautiful parks near us.  He agreed, and insisted on driving, as the eye surgeon told him after the cataract surgery that he could drive by the weekend.   So I packed chicken and avocado sandwiches, swiss roll and a thermos of tea into a bag, and off we went. 
Westerfolds Park has the Yarra River running through and alongside it, so there are river views just about everywhere you turn, as well as walking paths along the banks.  We chose to eat our lunch first, then go for a walk.  Last time we were here, Ken didn't get very far before he had to rest, but this time he deliberately slowed his walking pace down from his usual fast strides.  I was glad because he usually leaves me behind, but this time we strolled for about an hour, which is more than he has been able to walk for ages.  He has finally come to terms with what the doctors have been telling him - pace yourself!  And it worked.
I don't know what it is about transmission lines, but they fascinate me.  They remind me of the book "War Of The Worlds" which (when I was a kid) had an illustration on the front cover of great machines striding across the landscape.
 All that yellow in the above photo is/are?  daisies!

We sat down for a few minutes and Ken spotted these at our feet.  "Dirty buggers" he said, referring to smokers who leave their cigarette butts everywhere.  I chose not to remind him that he did exactly the same thing years ago.

Flower Power!  Children Of The Sixties....well no - we were in our twenties by then!

In one of the car parks, Ken saw two immaculate vintage Jaguar cars, and wandered over to have a closer look.  It turned out they were in a wedding party, waiting for the bridal party to have their photos taken among the gum trees.  We later found out the entire bridal party were Greek - I love how they wanted to be photographed in such an icon Australian setting!

We got chatting to them and they offered to take our photos sitting in the cars! Good PR of course - we brought home a brochure about their business "Jag Jaunts", and told them we would contact them to book a ride one day!

I offered my congratulations to the bride as we walked past and she thanked me with a big smile! It is lovely to see many couples choose not to bother getting married. I can't understand why. I had one disastrous marriage, but hey, that was just one man. There are plenty more fish in the sea, and I was lucky enough to land one of the best for my second hubby :-)


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