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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pondering the future...

Maybe Ken will outlive me after all!  I hope not though, as I hate the thought of him trying to cope on his own,with his health problems.  I got one of those government bowel cancer test kits a couple of months ago.   I put it out of sight and out of mind, until the government sent a letter asking if I had done the tests yet.  So I dug it out from where I had buried it under books and magazines,  duly carried out the icky test, and posted off the results.
Two days later I got a letter from Dorevitch Pathology telling me the results were positive (not in the "good" meaning of postitive), and that I should see my doctor immediately.  I don't like being told what to do by some faceless government authority! so I just filed that letter too.  But no, they had sneakily sent the report to my doctor as well, and the next day I had a phone call from the surgery telling me I MUST come in and see Doctor C. about my test results.  I told the girl I had received the letter from Dorevitch, and I'd come and see the doctor in my own time, don't hassle me!  She was a bit shocked I think, so I thought I'd better get it over and done with.

Today I saw Doctor C. and knowing what I'm like about what I consider unneccessary invasive surgery, she didn't make a fuss.  Just told me calmly that the test showed some blood and she will book me in for a colonoscopy to follow up on it.  I said  "You can book me in but I don't have to show up", and she laughed and said "I suppose not, if you don't want to!"  We talked some more, and she admitted that only one of the two tests was positive, the other was clear.  So she gave me another kit to do some more tests and said if they all come back clear, she will be convinced that my explanation for the blood is a valid one, and will cancel the colonoscopy appointment :-)


Blogger Isabelle said...

Well, if there's any doubt, you should have the colonoscopy, I think. Take care of yourself!

Saturday, 19 October, 2013  

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