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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Australian homes too cluttered!!

I just found this on the MSN news site - it rang warning bells with me, and I'm sure it will with a few of the readers of this blog!!

Clutter filling Aussie homes: survey
Wednesday Jan 23 18:26 AEDT

Australian homes have on average three rooms cluttered with unneeded items, a situation that can cause anxiety, guilt or depression, a survey shows.
The Australia Institute report, Stuff Happens: Unused Things Cluttering up our Homes, reveals 88 per cent of homes have at least one cluttered room - most likely the spare room.
Report author Josh Fear said that people move house, add rooms to their homes and purchase storage containers to accommodate stuff they never use.
"One person interviewed said that at one stage she actually wanted her home to burn down in a bushfire - it was that cluttered," Mr Fear said in a statement.
"It's a little like the obesity problem. Most of us would prefer to have less clutter, just like most of us would like to be slimmer and fitter than we actually are."

The survey found four in ten Australians were psychologically affected by their clutter, becoming depressed and anxious, while others suffered guilt and embarrassment. Mr Fear said people should shop only for what they need and avoid impulse purchases.
"It also requires a healthy scepticism towards commercial messages trying to convince us to buy things that we don't really want or need," he said.
"If we follow these principles, perhaps we can reclaim our homes."


Blogger Maggie Ann said...

Oh boy, isn't that a tough one to go on...only shop for what you need...grin.

Thursday, 24 January, 2008  

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