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Friday, April 25, 2008

Every Australian home should house an ANZAC.

As Ken and I don't buy daily newspapers, I catch up with news on the tv or the Internet. I was reading the news tonight on NineMSN and found this article on their travel segment. It is written by an Australian who visited the lesser known war cemetery at Tobruk, having done the Gallipoli pilgrimage in previous years. One of the comments on the forum following the article was this:
Posted by: Kazza, England, on 25/04/2008 4:32:27 AM
We live in an area where no-one knows what an ANZAC is, and they usually do not want to know. Being Australians in a foreign english speaking country is not always easy. However, in our own garden, at dawn on ANZAC day for the last 2 years we have laid flowers down upon the ground, remembered our ANZACs, thanked them for the Australian way of life they have bequeathed us and shed plenty of tears for those who did not come home and for those who lost them. My sister in Australia was browsing through a second hand shop. When she came out she had an old picture frame with a Soldier from the 1940's. When asked why she bought it her reply was EVERY Australian house should house an ANZAC. No matter where we are we will ALWAYS Remember them with love and pride.

I absolutely LOVE that last thought. How often have you been in a second hand shop of any kind, and see old war time photos gathering dust? I know I have, and I've often wondered how anyone can bear to part with such a priceless piece of their family heritage. On my next Op Shop foray, I'll be on the look out for my own ANZAC to give a home to, as nobody in my own family was in the armed services in any war of the 20th century.


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