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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another weekend come and gone.

This year is just flying by, isn't it! I feel like it will be Christmas in a minute...
On Friday night, the Awesome Foursome Friends got together at Helen's home for dinner. She cooked a delicious four course meal for us - no mean feat for someone who is still not fully recovered from a stroke. But she is determined to 'get back to normal, whatever that is', as she said, and her three guests did as much as possible to assist, by carrying food back and forth, loading the dishwasher, etc. When Helen's husband came home, I'm sure he would have been relieved to find that there wasn't much (if any) tidying up to be done.
On Saturday night, some of Ken's cousins came to our place for dinner, as a kind of farewell to their daughter who is heading off overseas with friends in a few weeks - backpacking, starting off in Japan, then to Moscow, and on to Europe - for about 6 months I think. Phew! Makes me tired just to think of it!

I was hanging some washing out on the line this morning when I heard a distinct crow from Ken's aviaries. Uh oh - sounds like we have a rooster among the hens! Ken wasn't planning on that; he got his bantams as chicks, and his friend wasn't 100% sure that they were all hens. If it is a rooster, Ken will probably swap it for another hen, because local council laws prohibit roosters in domestic back yards, due to their early morning noisy crowing. Shame though. I love the thought of little chickens hatching out and running around the aviary cheeping!

In the afternoon, I went to a newly opened Antique market here in Eltham and bought three books and a lovely embroidered supper cloth. Two of the books are on embroidery, and the third is about breeding budgies, which I thought Ken might like.
Ken in the meantime had gone for a ride in the hills on his Honda. He came back to tell me that he'd had a close encounter with a kangaroo, which he'd seen standing on the side of the road as he rode by. This is a frightening experience; roos can write a car off if you hit them, so a bike and rider would have no hope. Ken's cousin lives in this area and told us last night that his neighbour had hit a roo while backing her car out of the driveway! You Americans and other non-Aussies might think this is really neat to have kangaroos so close...believe me, it's NOT!

And that, my friends, was my weekend.


Blogger Home Away from Home. said...

Hi Gina,
How are you doing? I so wish I could hang laundry on the line. At the old house it wasn't a problem but here it's not allowed. :( Don't get me wrong I like my washer and dryer but I grew up with my mom hanging laundry and how good it smelled when she'd bring it in.
We had storms so I didn't get much done winds at 65 mph and hubby is out of town. I'm not feeling too good. I ate something that just didn't agree with me. Plus this is the first Father's Day without my dad. At any rate...thanks for your post it brought back some wonderful memories. Now to catch up on reading.

Monday, 16 June, 2008  
Blogger Alice said...

I do believe a kangaroo would scare me. Here deer cause many vehicle accidents. I'm glad Ken kept his cool and avoided that roo.

How nice to have dinner at Helen's house and then guests at your own home. It sounds like a busy weekend.

Tuesday, 17 June, 2008  

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