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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A satisfying day.

I drove to Healesville today and met a friend for lunch. We took the postcards for Marysville School to one of the shops which is owned by a friend of the school principal, who lives in Healesville. She didn't know about the postcard project, but when I explained it to her, she thought it was fantastic, and promised to pass them on to the principal that night.
My friend has lived in Healesville for many years, and she knows her way around the back roads better than I do, so she drove me up to Chum Creek Primary School, where we met some of the teachers, and left Lorna's postcards with them to distribute among the 34 pupils. Two of the children were in the staff room while we were talking to the teachers, and they could see the postcards I was holding up. Their comment "Oh, cool!" The teachers themselves were like most other adults - touched by the compassion of the children on the other side of the world.
I asked if I could take some photos of the school and was told yes, but not to include any children in my pics. This is standard procedure these's a sad world isn't it, to think that a fantastic invention like the Internet is abused by the lowest of low-life - child pornographers..
Anyway, here are the photos I took today:

Chum Creek Road.

School car park, with new water tank on its side, waiting to be installed. The tree trunk in the picture shows how close the fire was to destroying the school - this tree was so badly burnt it was too dangerous to leave standing.

One of the classrooms at Chum Creek Primary School. Note the eucalypt in front of the classroom - it caught fire on the trunk, but the flames died out before they could do any more damage.

Mural on external wall of one of the classrooms.

New Chook pen. Like many of the other rural schools, these kids have hens for pets. The henhouse was destroyed along with the birds when the fires got so close to the school. Adults feel it is vital to the kids' wellbeing to rebuild the pen and get new chooks as soon as possible. Country kids love their animals and birds.


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