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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to square one for Ken.

Maybe not quite square one, but he caught a cold somewhere (probably at the hospital) last week, and has been in bed since Tuesday, feeling very miserable. Our doctor called in on Wednesday and prescribed anti-biotics just in case the cold turned into bronchitis His visit was good timing. Ken has developed a terrible cough, which is rather painful for him, so soon after open heart surgery where they split the rib cage apart to get to the heart. Even two months later, he is not supposed to strain himself by lifting heavy objects or doing other things that put pressure on his chest. It's so depressing, especially when he had been going so well, building up his strength with the walking and exercising. This illness will put him back to where he was a month ago.

Touch wood, I haven't succumbed to the virus, but his Mum has had another cold and a gastro-virus since we last saw her, poor lady. I rang her today and she was nearly in tears because she hadn't seen or spoken to us all week. Once I explained, she understood. I went to Spotlight in Box Hill yesterday to spend a gift voucher, and I was going to drop in on my friend Sharon. But when I rang to ask if she would be around, her partner answered the phone and told me she was in bed with a virus, and probably not up to receiving visitors. Our doctor had mentioned there was a lot of colds and flu around, and it seems to have struck down some of my favourite people! If you're reading this Sharon - {{{HUGS}}} - take care of yourself, and get better soon!


Blogger cell said...

oh dear!have you had your fluvax? anyway I was told that taking regular probiotics somehow strengthens the immune system and helps prevent infections of this sort...perhaps it would help to take some of that innerhealth plus or faulding probiotic tablets? or yakult drinks.

Monday, 23 May, 2011  

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